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Market Update 13th September 2016

The quality and value of Bananas is good

Navel Oranges are booth sweet and juicy – quality is excellent

Queensland Rockmelons taste great!

The quality of Pink Lady, Fuji and Red delicious is excellent

QLD and NT Seedless Watermelon is very flavoursome

Gourmet Tomatoes are on special this week at Fred’s

Asparagus is a great buy

Quality of Broccoli and Cauliflower is first-rate

We have locally grown Eggplant in store

Fresh Green Beans represent great value this week customers

All varieties of our Pumpkin represent quality and value

Golden Blossom Eucalyptus Honey is on special –100% Aussie Honey!

Happy Cow Cheese is an excellent price!

We have Riverina 2kg Natural Yoghurt at a good price

Le Grande specials this week include sliced mild and hot Flat Soppressa and Lite Leg Ham

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