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Market Update 13th March 2013

Nectarines and Peaches are coming to the end of their season hence the focus on Thompson Seedless Grapes with the prices this week very good even with them being a little smaller.


Strawberries are well priced the shelf life is questionable due to the very hot weather in South Australia and Victoria.

The new season Gala Apples are very tasty and crisp however, if not kept away from heat, they are likely to turn floury very quickly.

Jonathon’s from the Batlow district will soon be over with only a fews of supply left to for their season.

Valencia Oranges are now in season with mandarins getting into full swing in April.

There’s not much good to report in the vegetable department this week with the exception being, that Fred is able to offer a great special to his customers this week on small cupped mushrooms.

Corn and Red Capsicums are also cheaper this week and of much better quality than has been the case in the last month or so.

Locally grown leafy vegetables such as Buck Choy, Hydroponic Lettuce and English Spinach may not last as long due to the high rainfall of late. That situation however, is improving every day.

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