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Market Update 13th June 2018

Winter is the ideal time to unearth all those flavoursome Root Vegetables such as Parsnips, Swedes, Jerusalem Artichokes and Celeriac Stay warm and nourished with full flavoured swede, parsnip, celeriac and Jerusalem artichokes. Root Vegetables taste sensational when added to hearty soups and casseroles

There is nothing better than Mashed Potatoes with an evening meal. Whip up a hearty, creamy mash with Desiree, Kipfler or Dutch Cream Potatoes tonight!

Carrots are not just versatile, they are very inexpensive and incredibly good for you!

A choice-buy this week is Fennel that tastes truly divine with its mild aniseed flavour when roasted, pan-fried or braised

If you are hanging for Brussels Sprouts this week, pop on into Fred’s One Stop. When choosing, pick ones that are compact and vibrant green in colour

Super Price this week at FOS is Jap Pumpkin. Time to break out the homemade Pumpkin Soup for the family!

Don’t miss out on savouring this year’s Chestnut harvest. The large size Chestnuts are easy to peel, premium quality and the most popular choice

Hass Avocados are a top buy this week!

If you are looking for a tasty and easy to peel fruit, then you can’t go past Mandarins. They can also add that tangy zip to a crisp winter salad

Wintertime is traditionally the time for colds and fortunately, it is also our peak season for Australian Lemons. Amazing how adding some Honey to a nice hot Lemon Drink can make you feel better!

Flavoursome QLD Strawberries are well priced as is our ruby-red Rhubarb

And finally, check out our Australian grown Navel Oranges

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