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Great tasting and reasonably priced Strawberries have arrived at last!


The New Zealand season of Kiwifruit has commenced representing great quality and value for money

Imperials from the Riverina region are now in full swing!

Here at Fred’s this week, we have Navel Oranges – a sweet and juicy orange full of tang! Usually seedless, navels are easy to peel and ideal as a healthy snack at any time

Passion Fruit is of reasonable quality and value!

Much milder weather is resulting in better supplies of vegetables to market thus converting to better pricing for customers with quality generally, being very sound

Red and green Capsicums represent good quality and value for our customers!

Supplies of Pumpkin are good hence pricing is very reasonable

Customers, take advantage of the great price of Broccoli this week!

Great special also on Cherry Tomatoes!

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