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Market Update 12th September 2018

While Strawberries might not be the bargain price they were last week, they still make for some fantastic eating!

Bananas are well priced and great for that anytime energy snack. Kids just love them

Superbly delicious and jam-packed with nutrition, golden-fleshed Rockmelon taste divine when sliced and wrapped in Prosciutto.

Lime prices have firmed up so customers, make the most of late season Lemons. Use the juice and zest of Lemons to add some zing to marinades, stir-fries and salad dressings.

Blueberries are sweet, juicy and plump! Savour them as a low kilojoule snack with the only preparation required that they rinsed in cold water prior to eating

Citrus fruits are currently still in good supply and make for some refreshing eating.

Just what we have been hanging out for: Kensington Mangoes from Darwin!

Best peeled just prior to eating a ripe, the skin of a Kensington Mango will pull away easily when ripened

Pop into Fred’s One Stop this week for our premium quality Australian grown Asparagus that is extremely adaptable and extremely tasty!

A top buy in our veggie department this week is Celery. Dice it, slice it or simply cut

It into batons, this very versatile vegetable can be eaten either raw or cooked

Along with that we have the delectable flavour of Fennel that will add vibrancy to any Spring Salad. Fennel has no fat and is very low in kilojoules

Don’t miss out on our premium quality and snow-white Cauliflowers that are bargain priced this week at Fred’s One Stop!

There’s nothing quite new season Baby Potatoes to enhance that family barbeque or to change up the evening meal

Snap up some Snow Peas this week customers. Bargain priced!

Broad Beans are well-priced and flavoursome!

Mild tasting English Spinach tastes delightful when eaten raw or cooked. For a quick meal, toss the washed leaves through cooked spaghetti, grilled Pancetta and some Ricotta Cheese

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