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Crisp and juicy new season Granny Smith and Gala Apples have arrived at Fred’s!

Good quality Victorian Strawberries are back however, however, it is best that they get consumed within a couple of days.

The markets have great supplies of Brook Mangoes which make for great eating despite the green skin that characterizes the fruit, so for the customers not used to buying green skin mangoes, look for a yellow tinge to the fruit as this is the perfect time for the fruit to be consumed.

Of the berries this week Raspberries are the pick.

Always a favorite, Rockmelons here at Fred’s are still great tasting and very good value for money!

As for the grapes, they are at their best!

New season William Pears are good value and Bananas currently, are still slightly higher priced than they should be.

From the vegetable range customers will find slightly better value for money in the telegraph cues rather than the more favored Lebanese Cucumbers

What is the pick this week?

Cup Mushrooms are exceptionally well priced. By far, the most popular of all mushrooms with their creamy white caps with pink gills that darken to beige as they mature.

Jap Pumpkin characterized by its ribbed deep green skin and yellow flecks is a great choice of vegetable this week. It has a yellow-orange flesh inside which is soft and dry inside with quite a nutty flavor.

Washed Potatoes would have to be the pick of all the potatoes due to their resilience in the heat. Hence, they are the most attractively priced of all potatoes here at Fred’s

Supplies are good and well priced of Carrots and Celery. Likewise Kumera which adds that perfect touch to any potato bake.

Tomatoes are not really good value this week with the exception being, Grape Tomatoes that are great tasting and exceptionally well priced

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