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Bananas are the go this week at Fred’s One Stop and although not looking as good as they could, they are inexpensive and tasty.

Honey Murcott Mandarins are certainly a special not to be missed this week. With their tight glossy skin they are great when eaten fresh on their own, added to salads as well as being used in sweet or savory cooking.

Berries continue to be in great supply this week which is great news for the health conscious who know that there is no greater taste you can add to a smoothie than the sweet succulent taste of fresh berries!

Papaya and Paw Paw have eased considerably in price.

Early Spring weather has resulted in a surge of supplies with Artichokes and Aniseed now well under way. To that end, Fred’s have a terrific special this week on fresh Aniseed which quite frankly customers, is too good to pass up!

Broccoli is in great supply as is Capsicum….red, green and yellow varieties.

The first of the Aussie Asparagus has hit the market.

Stand out in the Tomato line this week and simply for flavor and value are the Roma and Egg Tomatoes.

From the grocery section we have Schweppes 1.25 Litre Soft drinks at a crazy price!

Also the Hecham Oil in the 1 litre range consisting of Canola and Vegetable

If you like Frozen Sardinha you will find that the price is right this week at Fred’s

Last but not least we have from Le Grande Deli, sliced Melosi Mortadella that is made from selected Pork and Beef Cuts. It is ideal on sandwiches and in salads.

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