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Market Update 11th October 2012

As the weather up in our northern states continues to improve, so does the quality of the fruit that we are receiving with firstly Peaches, Yellow Nectarines and hopefully by the end of this following week, White Nectarines.


For the first Mangoes of the season, the Northern Territory mangoes are really worth at try. They are very similar in size to the Mangoes seen when travelling throughout Asia however, the supply of these will only go on for approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Good news for those Rockmelon lovers with supplies on the increase hence the prices should drop even more. Also the availability of quality Bananas is assured with the warmer weather.

Apples are slowly coming to the end of their season however, Pink Lady’s and Granny Smiths are still of good quality. Gala are also good however, to ensure they last, keep them away from heat.

Queensland Strawberries have all but finished for another year so as an alternative, try some locally grown Blueberries that are of very good quality.

Avocados of the Hass variety are now in season.

Kiwifruit are in season also and very good. The Gold variety is now finished.

Murcott Mandarins are the only ones still available with their season along with that of Navel Oranges, coming to an end.

Moving on to vegetables and Spring Vegetables represent the best value. Notably the new season Eggplant is beautifully sweet and well priced.

Vegies from the Sydney Basin continue to be both of excellent quality and value with Carrots, Celery and Leafy Greens being Fred’s pick for the week.

For something very different customers, try our Fresh Peas and Broadbeans, both of which are of superb quality and value. Great way to get the kids involved at meal preparation time as you sit around the table shelling peas together.

Broccoli and Caulflower this week are well priced and of very good quality.

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