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Sweet juicy Nectarines are amazing this week at Fred’s! Taste is good and the price is right!

Our sweet Rock Melons are also the go customers. Price and quality is very good

Watermelon although currently a little high in price, eats very well

If you have been waiting for Mangoes customers, the absolute best of them are currently arriving from Katherine.

Always an excellent and healthy choice for a smoothie, Topless Pineapples are well priced due their strong supply

Lemons are not priced well customers whereas the price of Limes is likely to drop to below that of Lemons due to an ever-increasing supply of them, into the markets

Tomatoes at last are beginning to ease in price

Supplies generally of vegetables are good this week.

The quality and price of Cauliflower and Broccoli remains good

Beans and Corn make for a good choice for customers, as do Kale and Dutch Carrots. All are eating well and the price is good

Across the board the quality and price of Lettuce varieties is very good

As we have come to expect, the quality of our locally grown Zucchini is excellent

From the grocery department we have salted Baccala Fillets on sale

Le Grande Deli suggestions are sliced Provolone Cheese and Bertochi Mortadella which is available, both in plain and olive varieties

Lastly, don’t go past our pre packed Australian Semi Dried Black Olives

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