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Market Update 11th July 2018

Oranges are in plentiful supply Navels, Blood Oranges and Cara varieties available

Sweet tasting Green and Gold Kiwifruit add that flash of colour to fruit platters while also being a rich source of Vitamin C

Ruby red Rhubarb combined with a punnet of Strawberries then topped with a crumble mixture and Castor Sugar, makes for a scrumptious wintertime dessert. Serve warm and topped with vanilla Ice Cream. Yummo!

Feeling like something zesty? Lemons are in peak season and looking delicious. A great source of Vitamin C and Folate

Passionfruit are a top buy this week!

Luscious and deliciously sweet right now are Custard Apples that can be easily scooped out and used as is or when utilised in desserts or savoury dishes

Naturally sweet and highly nutritious are ideal for creating some elegant desserts.

Wintertime is the best time to enjoy Medjool Dates. Plump, soft and caramel sweet in flavour whilst also being a superb source of Vitamin C

Carrots are a bargain this week!

What Celeriac lacks in appearance it certainly makes up in flavour and versatility. With its delicate celery flavour and starchy texture, Celeriac makes an ideal choice for a making a mash or soup

No breakfast omelette is complete without a touch of sliced or diced Red Capsicum that are well priced this week

Kumara with its creamy texture and sweet flavour makes for a particularly tasty soup whilst also making for some scrumptious chips when thinly sliced!

Well priced Broccoli is the perfect addition to quick and easy stir-fries.

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