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Market Update 11th April 2018

New season Mandarins from Mundubbera and Gayndah are now coming through with the taste varying from sweet and tangy to somewhat tart

Now is the time to treat yourself to some Kiwi Berries. The size of a large grape, they are green in colour and fuzz-free. When cut open, they appear not unlike the regular variety of Kiwi Fruit with its emerald green colour and small black seeds

Savour some ripe, super-soft Persimmons with their overtones of apricot and honey. Simply cut the Persimmon in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon

There are New Season apples galore with Kanzi, Granny Smiths, Jazz and Royal Gala having hit the stores

Nothing better than Shepard Avocado for a good dose of unsaturated fat and Vitamin E

We currently have a fabulous selection of quality Grapes for the family to enjoy. Great also for Kids lunchboxes

Plums available include Tegan Blue, Angelina and October Sun

Pick up some Kale this week. A leafy green vegetable jam-packed with nutrients in fact, just one cup contains almost 100% of your daily requirements of A, C and K

Brussels Sprouts are the go this week. Forget the old-fashioned method of boiling and try them roasted or in a salad. Yummo!

Crisp and crunchy Iceberg Lettuce is good value this week while Silver Beet is a top buy!

Tis still the season for Chestnuts so why not purchase some today. Delicious when baked, microwaved, roasted or grilled.

There is a great supply of Tomatoes available this week

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