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Market Update 10th October 2018

Kensington Pride Mangoes from the Northern Territory are plentiful with the quality being absolutely superb. Mangoes are just one of our “super specials” for this week!

Sweet and succulent rockmelons are an ideal thirst-quencher. It is highly recommended that you wash the melon rind prior to cutting the melon into wedges and serving. Rockmelons taste delicious when served chilled

Now is the right time to savour the sensational taste of Berries! Luscious and exceptionally flavoursome are our Western Australian strawberries that are now in season. A choice buy

Watermelons are super sweet and crunchy right now. Serve watermelon in slices for the ultimate refreshment or alternatively, in your next salad

Bananas make the ideal “on the run” snack, as the carbohydrates found in bananas have a low glycaemic index meaning, it is absorbed slowly into your system thus giving your body the sustainable energy it requires

We have in store Tropical tasting Papaya from the Mossman area of far north Queensland, the fragrant aroma of which, is a good indication of flavour. If you are buying cut Papaya, select fruit with bright-coloured, undamaged flesh

Broccoli the year-round favourite, is a well-known powerhouse of nutrients and a very good source of fibre. Currently Broccoli is well priced

Add some colour and crunch to your everyday stir-fry with Asparagus which teams well with beef, chicken and pork as well as other vegetables

Flavoursome broad beans are good value. Remove bean from the pod, shell a second time then simmer in boiling water until just tender. Broad beans team superbly with lamb, mushrooms, and artichokes or add them to a salad or risotto.

We have small bulbs of dewy-skinned, New Season Garlic available at Fred’s One Stop this week and expect supplies to be available for the next few weeks.

Shopping greengrocers for a few weeks

Brilliant in colour and mild in flavour are our supplies of Bok Choy, the vegetable that has established itself as one of our family favourite vegetables

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