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Muskat Grapes are a great price this week

Succulent and refreshing Lychees make for some great eating this week. Try them wrapped in Prosciutto then grilled.

The late season Nectarines are delicious as are the late season Peaches

For those customers with a taste for something sweet, try our Plums

Nothing better than a nice, crisp apple to sink your teeth into customers; try our New Season Gala Apples! To keep your apples crisp, just place then in the fridge.

The Stanhope, Bilpin and Batlow Apple harvest is currently underway.

Moving along to vegetables, broccoli at Fred’s this week is a really good price!

If you have never tried Bok Choy then with celebrations high for Chinese New Year, now is the time. Excellent for stir-fries!

With a tender, subtle flavor Eggplant when cooked with other vegetables, Tomato, herbs and Garlic, tastes divine

Snake Beans are also excellent with stir-fries and this week, the price is quite reasonable

Groceries: Alwazah Tomato Paste is a great price as are the Siena Olives in the 1.9 kg jar.

Rounding out this week, we have from Le Grande Deli Kulin Mild, Sunkarica and Zagreb Salami that are all at good prices as is the Grana Padano Soresina.


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