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Market Report 7th March 2018

The season for Persimmons has started for this sweet tasting fruit that is also known for its Fuji Fruit look-alike tendencies. Unlike traditional Persimmons these can be eaten Hard and crisp.

Autumn heralds the arrival of Custard Apples revered for their sweet taste and creamy texture. Scrumptious for breakfast when served with vanilla yoghurt, passionfruit and toasted coconut.

Enticing New Season Golden delicious, Royal Gala, Delicious and Fuji Apples are super crisp and really tasty right now customers.

Grapes are simply bursting with flavour at this time of the year. The new black skinned and seedless variety come highly recommended.

If you have never tried Finger Limes then now is the time to try them. This Australian native citrus which is also known as “Citrus Caviar” offers a pleasant burst in the mouth citrus flavour and pop of texture which is perfect for serving with Avocado, Papaya and Oysters.

Increasingly recognised as being a rich source of antioxidants, Pomegranates are now in season. Sprinkle them over an Autumn salad today.

William Pears are a top buy this week.

Moving right along to veggies, we have snow white cauliflowers instore. Pop one in your trolley and enjoy some Caulie with some slender, fleshy and dark in colour Snake Beans.

Roma and salad Tomatoes are plentiful this week while golden-fleshed Kumara tubers are excellent value!

Barbeques are never the same without the alluring aroma of fresh caramelising Onions served with sausage or steak sandwiches.

Carrots are very tasty at the moment while Asian Greens represent some terrific value for our customers

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