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Kensington Mangoes are not just delicious, they are the most popular variety of Mango here in Australia accounting for 80% of all Mangoes sold. Customers, they are a great price this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Due to widespread inclement weather the price of Cherries this year is high

As we have come to expect, the quality and value of our Bananas is very good

Although Lemons are scarce right now, Limes are excellent value for money

Currently the supply of passionfruit is good

When t comes to stone fruit Nectarines and Apricots are very good

Cannot go past the New season Valencia Oranges – they are excellent!

In vegetables this week the quality and value of broccoli is very good

Despite the excellent quality of our Cauliflower right now, the price is high

The Australian Season of our asparagus is coming to an end

All varieties of lettuce represent both good quality and value

The value and quality of our locally grown Cucumber is excellent!

Good news on the Capsicum customers– both red and Green Capsicum have improved in quality and value

From Grocery this week we have:

  • Sole Mare Tuna in the 95g Chilli variety at a really good price
  • Panettone – 1kg Christmas tin
  • IL Vecchio Forno Dolce Soffice and Fornidea Pandoro Classico - 900g
  • Rocca food Pandoro Tiramisu or Limoncello Cream - 800g


Rounding out for the week for Le Grande deli is:

  • Sicilian Fresh pecorino – Plain, Pepper and Chilli – pieces only
  • Monte Nevado Prosciutto
  • Italian Veneto Fontal Soft Cheese – pieces only


And finally to our loyal customers:

“Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from management and our staff”

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