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Watermelon More Than A Sweet Tasting Summer Fruit!

Although often seen as the perfect accompaniment to any family BBQ, this sweet tasting, mouth-watering summer fruit favorite, has been found by many researchers, to possess very high nutritional value. Information taken from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that watermelon juice is an effective remedy for reducing the recovery heart rate and muscle soreness in athletes. Athletes were each given 500 ml of watermelon juice (16.9 oz) containing 1.17 grams of the naturally occurring amino acid L-citrulline.
 A study supported by research carried out in 2003 and printed in the Journal of Nutrition where it claimed that regular watermelon juice consumption resulted in very significant increases in blood plasma concentrations of lycopene and beta carotene with Lycopene having been attributed to more than 40 potential health benefits especially when consumed in its natural state. Watermelon was also found to boost antioxidant levels: with watermelon being remarkably rich in Lycopene hence its reddish colour when cut open, amongst other carotenoids such as, Lutein and Beta Carotene. Interestingly, for every 100 grams consumed, the calorie count registers a mere 30 calories hence making it a great choice for those serious about losing those unwanted kilos. Apart from the calorie count, watermelon contains 1 gram of fibre, 10 gram of sugar, 1 gram of protein, is totally fat free, has no cholesterol and contains Vitamins, A, C E, D. It contains Niacin, Thiamine, B6, B12 and Pantothenic whilst not forgetting minerals such as Selenium, Potassium, Manganese, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus and Fluoride. in addition to its nutritional value, watermelon has additional health benefits including: 1. Assisting in the maintenance of a healthy heart by following a diet that is low in fat and cholesterol yet rich in antioxidants such as (lycopene), an element that works to fight free radical compounds thus protecting blood vessel and artery hardening. 2. With watermelon being red rich in antioxidants citrulline compound it helps in maintaining good levels of histidine-arginine which is necessary for the production of nitric oxide which in turn, plays quite a significant role in maintaining good elasticity of the blood vessels and arteries by helping to curb the interactions of oxidative stress. Whilst it s commonly known that the regular consumption of Melons can assist in the treatment of infections to the body, it is the concentration and role of vitamins A and C in watermelon that can be attributed at least in part, to improved health and vitality.

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