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South American Cuisine – Where the Old World Meets the New World

Prior to the Europeans first discovering South America, native populations had already discovered how to cultivate an astonishing array of plants by developing quite elaborate irrigation systems and terracing the steep Andrean mountain slopes.

It was on those slopes the natives had learned to grow Lima Beans, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Chile Peppers, Avocados and Peanuts whilst also raising Llamas and Guinea Pigs.

While each region developed its own unique traditional dishes they also included some of the dishes that were unique to the European Cuisine with some of the new foods such as Chickens, Cows, Goats, Pigs, Citrus Trees, Wheat and Almonds.

Similarly, Europeans learned to make their own favorite Italian, Spanish and Portuguese dishes using local ingredients thus making the local cuisine vividly colorful and excitingly tempting.

While not all ingredients native to South America were used, Chefs from trendy restaurants now showcase Andrean products such as Alpaca Meat, grains such as Kiwicha and Quinoa as well as rare tubers Maca and Yuba in very sophisticated new ways.

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