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Highest Disease Fighting Anti-oxidant Levels Found In Berries!

For several years many studies on the health benefits of fruit have concluded that Berries are amongst the best selection of foods to maximize a person’s daily intake of disease-fighting antioxidants: those studies having identified also, other fruits and vegetable types with the highest antioxidant levels. Today, it is becoming harder to ignore the fact that Antioxidants have been increasingly implicated as the chemicals behind so many of the health-promoting benefits of vegetables and tropical fruits such as Blueberries and Strawberries for example. The natural chemicals were shown to act in part by cleansing the body of free radicals, which can often cause cell and DNA damage leading to the effects of premature aging and also, to many chronic diseases such as Heart Disease, Diabetes and that dreaded “C-word” - Cancer! In 2004 there was a major study conducted with its findings published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. During the study more than one hundred separate foods were presented for antioxidant analysis including not just fruits and vegetables but also, Spices, Nuts, Breads and Cereals. It was discovered that by far the most cost effective way of consuming anti-oxidants and high levels of anti-oxidants was to consume in its most natural state, Blueberries, Blackberries and Cranberries. The recommended daily intake in the study suggested that just a single cup per day would provide the body with sufficient disease fighting anti-oxidants. Other top ranking fruits included Melons, Mangoes and Peaches! Following on from that study, researchers from Cornell University and in contrast to its predecessor, concluded that Melons actually had the lowest level of antioxidant levels along with the Banana. The findings whilst agreeing in essence that Berries including Raspberries scored at the top, they discovered that Wild Berries were found to be the most potent. The 2008 study concluded that Pomegranates ranked as highly as Berries in disease-fighting antioxidant levels. With Apples and Strawberries considered to be the most widely consumed of all fruit and vegetables in the diet of most US citizens, the following was concluded, hence recommended: "Increasing daily fruit consumption is a logical, practical and cost effective strategy in increasing antioxidant intake and hence decrease oxidative stress levels that might lead to a reduced risk of cancer.”  

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