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Did you know that the Banana Tree is actually not a tree?

  • Derived from Arabic word “Banan” meaning finger
  • Banana plant is not a tree but world’s largest herb
  • The trunk is made of tightly overlapping leaves
  • A “hand” of Bananas is made up of 10-20 Bananas
  • A “cluster” typically consists of 3-8 Bananas



Here’s How…

  • Peel inside of the Banana with a knife and place in bowl
  • Add Rosewater to peel then blend to form a paste
  • Allow mix to rest a few mins then apply to affected area
  • Fill cloth with crushed ice cubes. Tie to secure cubes
  • Place cloth on affected area and over the Banana Paste
  • Dab cloth on the affected area repeatedly for 30 minutes
  • Rinse affected area with water then pat dry with a towel
  • Repeat the process twice weekly for desired results



  • Banana peels non-inflammatory properties help to reduce the size of the bump caused by a mosquito bite thus erasing it over time
  • Ice helps to reduce itchiness and pain caused by mosquito bites
  • Rosewater leaves a soothing sensation thus making your skin healthy and restoring its natural glow

How to Select Bananas

Select Bananas according to how and when you plan to use them. Bananas that are still predominantly green will ripen over a period of time as opposed to the already ripened banana that will become overripe very quickly


  • For cooking such as when making a Banana Pudding, select ripened bananas, providing of course, that you buy only the amount you need for the recipe. It is recommended that you use them in very short order
  • For daily consumption select Bananas that are showing signs of ripening, along with some almost ripe bananas (those to be eaten shortly after purchase) It is wise to also select some greener bananas that will ripen up in a few days

How to store Bananas

Ripen Bananas by placing them in a bowl at room temperature. Note that storing them next to other fruit such as tomatoes will speed up the process.

Place the bananas in the produce drawer of your refrigerator after they are fully ripe. Refrigeration slows the ripening process down considerably however, it does not stop it. The peel will continue to turn brown but the fruit will stay fresh and firm for a period of 1 - 2 weeks

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