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Canned versus Fresh!

It is not “Rocket Science” as everyone knows already, that food out of a can never tastes as good as the “Real thing” however the question still rages; What are the benefits in eating fresh fruit and vegetables every day as opposed to the reduced benefits if any, of eating food from a can? Consuming Fresh Fruit and Vegetables is and should be, an essential part of everyone’s daily diet and if for no other reason, than the very high levels of Vitamins and Minerals that your body needs. Likewise, daily consumption of fresh fruit is essential in order to absorb the Vitamin C that is known to boost the body’s Immune System. Important studies have concluded that Fruits and Vegetables contain sufficient levels of dietary Fibre that help to reduce the body’s chances of contracting Digestive Cancers with just a single medium sized Potato providing around 50% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C along with a large amount of Fiber. One fresh medium sized orange contains all the Vitamin C that your body needs for the entire day! Now for the downside: unfortunately, as soon as fruit and vegetables have been picked, the decaying process commences along with the reduction of the nutrient composition hence the critical nature by which all fruit and vegetables are stored. Without effective and suitable methods of storage, the food will perish very quickly. Ideally, the consumption of any fresh fruit or vegetable should take place within a day or two of purchase and whilst not always possible, all care should be taken to ensure that the food is stored properly in the household refrigerator. For the “time poor” consumer who has to eat and run every day, canned food can often seem like the only alternative, but what are the benefits of eating from a can? If you don't mind the taste of canned fruits and vegetables, then you could consider eating these. This will provide many of the same nutrients and minerals. When fruits or vegetables are canned the decaying process and subsequent loss of nutrients is halted at least, until the can is opened and if the they are packaged soon after picking, they can actually have very similar levels of nutrient qualities as the fresh fruit and vegetables bought from grocery stores. In an ideal situation however, the fruit and vegetables would have to be processed almost immediately after picking. The biggest argument in support of eating canned fruit and vegetables as opposed to fresh? The availability factor: canned produce is conveniently available regardless of the season with shelf life ranging from months to in some cases, years! Until opened, it requires no special consideration in fact, it has an added advantage of being there in your pantry for those times when shopping for groceries is just not an option. The downside? Canned produce tends in many cases, to be very high in sodium and or sugar which can, lessen the health benefits that fresh fruit and vegetables possess however, with more and more emphasis on healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, with a little effort, there are products on the supermarket shelves today, that are very low in sodium and sugar. At the end of the day, which is better? Whilst canned fruit and vegetables can never be as popular as the taste and texture of the “Real Thing”, canned produce provides a good alternative in situations where the availability of “fresh” is just not possible.

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