If you’re not eating watermelon because you think it provides just sugar and water, then think again because this delicious, refreshing fruit is high in nutrition and hydration values.

Nutritional Value
Watermelon contains a vast array of nutritional benefits for minimal calories consumed. With just 80 calories, two cups of diced watermelon provides the body with 25% and 30% of the daily requirements for Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Watermelon also contains vitamins B1 and B6 as well as Potassium, Magnesium and Fibre.

Hydration Value
A huge benefit when looking to boost hydration levels in the body is to eat Watermelon due to the fact that one cup provides 92% water. There’s no better refreshment than snacking on slices or chunks of fresh watermelon but did you know that you can also easily make your own watermelon juice. Simply slice a chilled melon into 2.5cm slices, place in a blender and process until smooth. If you haven’t removed the seeds prior then you will need to press through a sieve to discard the seeds and pulp. Pour juice into a pitcher, chill and serve.

How to Select Watermelon
Look for a watermelon that seems heavy for its size and is quite firm, symmetrical and free of cuts, bruises or dents. Best to turn the melon over and check the underside that should have a creamy yellow spot underneath it from where it sat on the ground ripened in the sun

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