Market Update 14th February 2018

We have sweet eating seedless grapes such as Thompson, Menideee, Sultana, Flame and Red Globe varieties instore

Time to enjoy succulent, sweet figs that team equally as well with savoury foods such as meats, nuts and cheese as they do with sweet ingredients such as citrus and chocolate

Our New Season William Pears are just superb!

Late Summer is peak season for Plums and taste fantastic when eaten as a snack or as a tasty addition to a salad

Nothing tastes quite like a New Season Apple and right now, Royal Gala apples are sweet, juicy and very crisp!

In vegetables this week we have a great special on Carrots. Rich in Vitamin A they have a superb flavour and are extremely versatile

Trendy Cauliflower is the new Kale, jam-packed with goodness this white member of the Cruciferae family is popular as a Low Kilojoule vegetable and rice substitute

Versatile Snake Beans are in season and very tender-tasting

Sydney and Victorian grown Salad Tomatoes are a tasty buy this week!

Market Update 7th February 2018

Luscious, soft and naturally sweet Figs are an amazing price this week at Fred’s!

Snap up a bargain with some juicy Valencia Oranges that are jam-packed with Vitamin C despite their skin pigment at this time of the year being tinged with green pigment.

Have you ever tried tropical Dragonfruit? A member of the Cactus Family, this fleshy fleshy and juicy fruit is white on the inside with edible black seeds.

Shepard Avocados with their creamy and nutty flavour are now in season

Grapes are simply bursting with flavour right now. Choose from Black Muscat, Menindee, Thompson and Sultana seedless

Instore this week, we have New Season Royal Gala Apples and William Pears

Wanting some Snake Beans?

Choose slender, crisp snake beans with some flexibility when bent. Store the bunches in plastic bags in the fridge for use within two days

If you are looking for an ingredient rich in flavour and easy to prepare then you can’t go pass mushrooms. Great in stir-fries, salads, pizza toppings and meat dishes

For some good value this week, pick up a Pumpkin from Fred’s. Cheaper when you purchase them whole, Pumpkins have a smooth creamy flesh that comes loaded with vitamins A & C and fibre.

Quite the family favourite, juicy sweetcorn is well priced this week

Market Update 31st January 2018

Dry Summer weather this season has ensured a mammoth crop of Figs. Great way to start the day – Figs, Ricotta, Honey and fruit Toast

If you are looking for that thirst quenching lunchbox snack, pack some naturally sweet and crunchy grapes that the kids will love!

Alternatively, send the children back to school with a generous serving of chilled and sliced watermelon.

Again, this week we have aromatic Rockmelons from the Riverina area. Serve melon wedges as a dessert or snack. Simply delicious!

With tangy Limes available, Domenic recommends that you keep a few on hand for those homemade dressings, marinades and sauces

Right now customers, we have both red and yellow varieties of Plums in plentiful supply.

Peaches and Nectarines are loaded with flavour!

In vegetables, Snake Beans continue to be a great buy while Eggplants, including the Baby Variegated Eggplant are likewise a good buy.

Any Summer BBQ can be made even more delicious when you add Mushrooms to it. For an extra tasty way to enjoy Mushrooms, try making a BBQ Mushroom, Haloumi and Tomato Burger.

Broccoli prices have now eased while Celery is a bargain!

Market Update 24th January 2018

If you have never tried Figs then now is the time to try them with the Fig season well underway while sweet and juicy Rockmelons from the Riverland region are a thrifty buy.

It has been a mammoth season for Mangoes with supplies of this succulent tropical fruit still plentiful. Kensington Mangoes are a fantastic price at Fred’s one Stop this week!

We have a super special on quality peaches and nectarines at this time of year. Packed with flavour the fruit is coming from Batlow, Shepparton, Forbes and Bilpin.

Late Summer is yielding an abundant supply of tangy-sweet passionfruit.

New season Willian, Paradise and Clapp pears are now available

For vegetables this week, Snake Beans are a great buy and are ideal for stir-fries and Asian Salads

With an Aussie BBQ on the agenda for Australia day, slice some Zucchini in half then throw on the BBQ – delicious!

Potatoes from South Australia are plentiful while locally grown Sweetcorn remains one of Summer’s stellar vegetables that is ideal in salads, fritters, pasta dishes, rice dishes and salsas

Market Update 13th December 2017

Add a little zing and vitality to your day with Australian grown Limes – excellent for use in marinades, cocktails, in salad dressings as well as with seafood.

Simply cannot go past appetising and extra juicy Peaches and Nectarines customers!

December is the ideal time for Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries and Red Currants. Did you know that a rich, vibrant colour in berries is a good indication of sweetness and freshness?

As we all know, Cherries are the quintessential Australian Summer Fruit and despite recent heavy rainfall, there are ample supplies of Cherries still available with supplies coming in from Young, Orange, Victoria and South Australia

Absolutely bursting with flavour are the New Season Grapes so make sure you grab a bunch of Menindee Seedless or flame Grapes today!

For a top buy this week customers, you cannot go past Broccolini – fast and so easy to cook!
Serve with a dressing or alternatively, toss cold through a salad

Asparagus is still great value this week – perfect with Poaches Eggs or when added to a light salad

Carrots are at bargain prices although Potato prices are traditionally higher at this time of year.

Summer Radishes are in and add a pleasant, peppery taste to salads and crudites.

Lebanese Cucumbers are another top buy this week!

Market Update 6th December 2017

Great special this week with Lychees – the ultimate summer fruit you never knew you needed. A perfect blend between tart and sweet!

Apricots, with their velvety skin and naturally sweet, succulent taste are a perfect choice this week at Fred’s One Stop.

Mangoes – Simply the best!
Choose from Kensington pride, Calypso, R2E2 and Honeygold varieties all of which taste absolutely devine!

With so much delicious fruit around, Bananas are still a standout for price and taste but the best feature…Kids Love Them!

New Season Plums are now available

Cannot go past Cherry Tomatoes customers – bursting in your mouth with a pop of flavour!

Time for some Beetroot – scrumptious when roasted and added to a salad or made into a Beetroot Dip

The price of Eggplants has eased due to an increase in supplies

Absolutely brimming with flavour this week are our Green Beans that are best served with a slight crunch to them

Looking for a quick, cool and refreshing snack to nibble on, then you can’t go past Lebanese Cucumbers.

Rounding out this week, did you know that Kumera (Sweet Potato) is low in GI?


Market Update 29th November 2017

What a bumper season we are having for Mangoes with the irresistibly sweet tasting and superb eating varieties we have in store. R2E2, Kensington Pride, Calyspo and Honey Gold Mangoes are splendidly priced this week!

New Season Cherries will continue to improve in regards to both size and value. Definitely the star in every fruit bowl or platter.

Did you know that Fruit Platter orders can be placed over the phone on 9610 9833 Ext 4? (24hours notice required on all orders)

Australian grown Nectarines and Peaches are particularly tasty – time to enjoy!

Purchase some delectable Lychees for that sweet, refreshing taste of Summer

New Season grapes have hit the market – try some today!

Lebanese Cucumbers are this week’s best buy customers – tender, juicy and full of flavour!

Locally grown Shallots are also excellent value this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping – great when eaten either hot or cold

No barbeque is complete without Mushrooms and at Fred’s both the quality and value is outstanding!

Quality Capsicums in all varieties colour to meals whilst also providing a boost of Vitamin C

Eggplant is one of the most versatile of vegetables and represent good value this week

Rounding out we have mild tasting Zucchinis – this week’s thrifty pick!

Market Update 22nd November 2017

For the best in tropical treats this you can’t go past Kensington Pride Mangoes (also known as Bowen Mangoes) the highly Calypso mango and the R2E2 varieties that are renowned for the rich tropical aroma

Here at Fred’s One Stop customers, we have Australian grown Cherries, one of the true delights of late spring and Summer; succulent in texture, sweet in taste and glamorously glossy skin.

We have an amazing “Super Special” for you this week in Red Sweet Papaya that is renowned for its tropical juiciness and sweet flavour! At such a crazy price we have limited it to one box per customer.

There are good supplies of sweet tasting Strawberries as well as fragrant Blueberries and Raspberries

If you have never tasted Apricots, now is the time to try them; a golden fleshed fruit that is scrumptious when eaten fresh or cooked.

Rockmelons make for deliciously sweet eating this week!

For the bargain buys in vegetables this week we have Lebanese Cucumbers and Zucchini

One of the most versatile of vegetables is Celery which is very well priced at Fred’s One Stop Shopping so why not add some crunch to your stir-fries and salads

For value, taste and versatility this week we have fresh Asparagus – a real winner for its nutty flavour and a vegetable to be relished either raw or cooked

Other thrifty buys this week include Cos and Iceberg Lettuce

Market Update 15th November 2017

Bananas, Bananas, Bananas!

An all-time favourite especially with kids and currently well priced at Fred’s One Stop. Didi you know that when Bananas develop a brown freckled appearance, they are not just at their prime ripeness, the starch content has turned to sugar hence they are at their sweetest?

Cannot go past Nectarines and Peaches this week for juiciness and fragrance; they are absolutely superb!

As we all know mangoes are a much-savoured seasonal delight. Choose from R2E2, Calypso and Kensington Pride at Fred’s.

Apricots are now in season!

We have it all in berries this week…

Luscious Strawberries, Delicious Blueberries, Scrumptious Raspberries and Yummy Blackberries!

And saving the best for last customers, we have Australian grown Cherries that are loved for their succulent texture, sweet flavour and glamorously glossy skin!

In vegetable produce we have ruby-red Beetroot with its sweet nutty flavour – certainly good value for money this week!

Zucchini and Lebanese Cucumbers are both a choice buy along with Asian Greens such as Bok Choy, Choy Sum and Gai Lum.

If you however looking for versatility, taste and value Asparagus is a good choice. Renowned for its nutty flavour, Asparagus is savoured either raw or cooked, hot or cold.

Fresh seasonal Green Beans are a top buy this week!

Market Update 8th November 2017

The supply of New Season Stone Fruit is improving especially in regards to some very sweet eating Peaches and Nectarines. Yellow and white fleshed Nectarines and Peaches are in our store.

Always a favourite with kids there are good supplies of Cavendish Bananas and also Lady Finger bananas. Both varieties are healthy and provide the perfect boost when energy levels are on the decline

Select from our sweet eating Rock Melons that are renowned for their distinctive flavour and firm looking skin. The perfect addition to your next fruit platter.

Strawberry supplies at present are plentiful. Time to get creative with this highly delectable and sought after fruit!

Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes:

These sweet and luscious Tropical Fruit are currently in abundance particularly Kensington Pride, R2E2 and Calypso varieties but there is more good news with the arrival of some very sweet and luscious Cherries!

Australian Asparagus is currently at its very best – tasty snack when wrapped in Prosciutto!

If you are looking to control your weight, Fennel not only makes for some delicious eating, it has virtually zero fat and very few kilojoules. When teamed with Salmon and grapefruit, Fennel makes a tasty salad

One of the most versatile of vegetables is Mushrooms and now is a great time to buy them

Rounding out for the week customers, we have in for a very short time Broad Beans that are a fantastic source of Protein and Iron

Market Update 1st November 2017

This week customers sweet-eating Strawberries are at their best for taste and value while Blueberries are appetisingly delicious. Both are in good supply

It’s a fantastic time to enjoy some tropical Northern territory and Queensland grown Mangoes. Kensington Pride and Calypso are especially aromatic and juicy

If it is Stone Fruit that you are after, we have some juicy yellow and white varieties of both Peaches and Nectarines in store

For a healthy snack that children love to eat we have sweet Seedless Watermelon while those naturally sweet and creamy Bananas from Innisfail will provide that boost of energy when you need it most

A great addition to your next salad, we have carrots this week at a very frugal price and if you want more crunch, add some Lebanese Cucumbers that are a fantastic price at Fred’s One Stop Shopping this week

If it is beans you like, hop on in for some Broad Beans that are at their best for quality and value!

Asian Vegetables are ultra-healthy for the family as is English Spinach the prices of which are currently very good

Butternut Pumpkin and Jap Pumpkin are not just very versatile, they are well priced

Market Update 25th October 2017

Mangoes are amongst the most delicious and luxurious of all tropical fruits and this week at Fred’s, Kensington Pride Mangoes are a great price!

Customers are in for a treat with a new flush of sumptuous Blueberries hitting the market this week. A highly-rated superfood that is not only low in calories but deeply enriched in vitamins and minerals

New Season Stone Fruit is here with Nectarines and Peaches heralding more great fruits to follow but for those wanting a more refreshing taste, we have sweet, seedless watermelon that the kids are sure to enjoy!

And let’s not forget our sweet, tangy Queensland Pineapples in store today. Take care to cover and refrigerate once the pineapple has been cut. Serve chilled either sliced, pureed or cut in pieces.

Vegetables this week are very tempting with Broad Beans and their nutty flavour. When selecting look for the firm pale green broad beans with plump though not bulging pods.

English Spinach is not only good for you, it is good value this week at Fred’s One Stop while Lebanese Cucumbers will add that refreshing and juicy crunch to your salads.

Bok Choy and Choy Sum are the pick of the Asian Vegetables this week and for something different, why not snap up some of our Globe Artichokes before their season comes to an end.

Market Update 18th October 2017

Along with an abundance of fresh greens such as Green Peas and Snow Peas, we have as one of our featured specials this week, some tender eating Asparagus.

Asian Leafy Greens and Broccoli are at reasonable prices and are delicious when delicious when steamed or added to a vast number of quick meal options

With Spring having well and truly sprung for 2017, the nutty flavour of Broad Beans can be savoured when teamed with Pancetta, Meat and Feta Cheese in a very healthy salad

Salad Tomatoes are plentiful and well-priced while a Head of fennel represents excellent value. There is a delicious meal to be enjoyed when baby fennel slices are pan-fried until tender in olive oil and garlic then tossed through cooked spaghetti, chopped fennel leave and pine nuts, Yummo!

Blueberries are now in store. Following recent studies involving mature age patients, it has been suggested that this powerful superfood might be helpful in improving scores on tests that included cognitive function

Golden fleshed Pineapples are well priced and will make a refreshing treat for the family

It looks like we are going to be in for a bumper season for Mangoes as the weather begins to heat up. Our customers are certainly in for a treat!

The richness in flavour of both Peaches and Nectarines is improving as Summer draws nearer and for those just hangin’ for some fresh Rhubarb, we have bunches in instore!

Lemons are reasonably priced…

Market Update 10th February 2016

Muskat Grapes are a great price this week

Succulent and refreshing Lychees make for some great eating this week. Try them wrapped in Prosciutto then grilled.

The late season Nectarines are delicious as are the late season Peaches

For those customers with a taste for something sweet, try our Plums

Nothing better than a nice, crisp apple to sink your teeth into customers; try our New Season Gala Apples! To keep your apples crisp, just place then in the fridge.

The Stanhope, Bilpin and Batlow Apple harvest is currently underway.

Moving along to vegetables, broccoli at Fred’s this week is a really good price!

If you have never tried Bok Choy then with celebrations high for Chinese New Year, now is the time. Excellent for stir-fries!

With a tender, subtle flavor Eggplant when cooked with other vegetables, Tomato, herbs and Garlic, tastes divine

Snake Beans are also excellent with stir-fries and this week, the price is quite reasonable

Groceries: Alwazah Tomato Paste is a great price as are the Siena Olives in the 1.9 kg jar.

Rounding out this week, we have from Le Grande Deli Kulin Mild, Sunkarica and Zagreb Salami that are all at good prices as is the Grana Padano Soresina.