Market Update 13th December 2016

Kensington Mangoes are not just delicious, they are the most popular variety of Mango here in Australia accounting for 80% of all Mangoes sold. Customers, they are a great price this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Due to widespread inclement weather the price of Cherries this year is high

As we have come to expect, the quality and value of our Bananas is very good

Although Lemons are scarce right now, Limes are excellent value for money

Currently the supply of passionfruit is good

When t comes to stone fruit Nectarines and Apricots are very good

Cannot go past the New season Valencia Oranges – they are excellent!

In vegetables this week the quality and value of broccoli is very good

Despite the excellent quality of our Cauliflower right now, the price is high

The Australian Season of our asparagus is coming to an end

All varieties of lettuce represent both good quality and value

The value and quality of our locally grown Cucumber is excellent!

Good news on the Capsicum customers– both red and Green Capsicum have improved in quality and value

From Grocery this week we have:

• Sole Mare Tuna in the 95g Chilli variety at a really good price
• Panettone – 1kg Christmas tin
• IL Vecchio Forno Dolce Soffice and Fornidea Pandoro Classico – 900g
• Rocca food Pandoro Tiramisu or Limoncello Cream – 800g

Rounding out for the week for Le Grande deli is:

• Sicilian Fresh pecorino – Plain, Pepper and Chilli – pieces only
• Monte Nevado Prosciutto
• Italian Veneto Fontal Soft Cheese – pieces only

And finally to our loyal customers:

“Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from management and our staff”

Market Update 6th December 2016

New Season Seedless Valencia Oranges are delicious!

Australian Apricots make for a delicious energy-boosting snack

The flavour of Mangoes is fantastic right now – slight skin flaws have ensured good value

Quality and value of Bananas is very good as is the NT Watermelon

Due to good growing conditions, the quality of Victorian Strawberries is excellent

Cup Mushrooms are a great price this week at Fred’s One Stop

Locally grown supplies of Cherry and Grape Tomatoes are excellent

The quality of cauliflower is excellent however the price remains high

All varieties of Pumpkin represent both quality and value

As the weather continues to warm up supply of our locally grown Zucchini will improve

Grocery specials include 4 litre Tamax Olive Pomace Oil

Panettone Sweet Angels 908g

Il Vecchio Forna 750g – available in 4 scrumptious varieties

• Con Crema Di Cioccolato
• Cioco Panna
• Cuordi Crema
• Con Crema Tiramisu

Le Grande Deli has 3 fantastic specials:

• Fioretto Del Monte Pecorino
• Australian Prosciutto
• Bialetti Aluminium Moka Express – both 3 cup & 6 cup

Market Update 28th November 2016

Mangoes are magnificent in taste and value!

Our New Season Valencia Oranges are excellent right now

Although Packham and Corella Pears are coming to the end of their season, the quality and taste remains very good

The quality and value of Rockmelon remains very good as does the quality and value of our Pineapples

Red Capsicum are a really hot price this week at Fred’s One Stop

Truss Tomatoes are good value

As advised last week, we are currently in the Australian season of Asparagus with high quality and good value

The quality of Lettuce is excellent as is the quality of Eggplant

Our locally grown Cucumber is of a very high standard

In Grocery this week we have Hot & Mild varieties of Siena Fillets of Anchovy

We have Paesanella Ricotta Cheese at a very good price

Pineta Pandoro Limoncello, Panettone Chocolate & Panettone Mascapone with Coffee are all very well priced

Rounding out the week Le Grande Delis has:

• Burgomaster Double Smoked Ham – sliced only
• Zanetti Superior Grana Padano –pieces only


It’s Mango Time and the R2E2 Mangoes are magnificent in taste and quality right now at Fred’s!

Due to scarcity of supply the price of Hass Avocados continues to remain higher than usual

As we have come to expect the quality and value of Bananas is excellent

The Victorian season for Strawberries has commenced and the quality is excellent

Blueberries are good

The flavour of New Zealand Kiwifruit is excellent

Glasshouse Eggplant are very well priced

Australian Asparagus makes for some great eating!

The quality of our locally grown Cucumbers is excellent

Locally grown Round, Cherry and Grape Tomatoes are well priced and taste delicious

The local season for Zucchini has also commenced

It’s also Panettone time at Fred’s One Stop and with so many to choose from we have selected to feature this week assorted varieties of 750g and 1kg Panettone Melegatti

From the Grocery department we also have Rocca Almond Meal – a good price!

Golden Shore 5kg bags of Flour are well priced

Rounding out from Le Grande deli we have:

• Auricchio Provolone Dolce Italy’s No 1 Cheese – sliced only
• Mortadella varieties (Olive, Plain, Pepper) – sliced only

Market Update 15th November 2016

Kensington Mangoes make for some great eating this week at Fred’s – we have a fantastic price our boxed Kensington variety

Navel Oranges are coming to the end of their season however the quality is still excellent – very sweet and juicy!

The supply of Hass Avocados has increased

Rockmelons are of sound quality

Supplies of Watermelon represent both quality and value

Our stone fruit is of excellent quality and taste

Best price ever this week on Snow White Cup Mushrooms

The quality of our Australian Asparagus is excellent

Eggplant represents both sound quality and value

The quality of Broccoli is very good

Quality of Cauliflower is good but the price is still high

Due to weather issues the price of Sweet Potato remains higher than usual

From our Grocery Section we have 5 kg Golden Shore Special White Flour – did you know that Golden Shore products are Australian owned?

Try out our Pineta Pandoro Limoncello 750g – great price this week!

Le Grande deli specials are amazing:

• Danish Salami or Spanish Hot Salami
• Monte Nevado Jamon Spanish Prosciutto
• Gouda Dutch Cheese

Market Update 8th November 2016

Extra Large Bananas are a fantastic price this week!

Blueberries are in plentiful supply

We have boxes of Kensington Mangoes at a fantastic price

The quality of the Victorian Strawberries is excellent

Market prices are still up on Hass Avocados as supply is getting scarce

The quality of Pineapples is still very good despite tightening up of supply

Supplies of Watermelon is coming from the Northern Territory

Australian season of Asparagus is in full swing and the quality is excellent!

Celery represents very good quality and value

Broccoli is very good

Unfavourable weather has affected the supply and quality of Red Capsicum making green Capsicum better value

The quality of our locally grown Snow Peas is very good

In grocery this week at Fred’s One Stop we have 6 Pack Santa Vittoria Sparkling Mineral Water in the 750ml variety

4 Kilo bags of Original Heat Beads are very well priced

Le Grande Deli has 3 great specials for customers:

• Casa Double Smoked Ham – sliced only
• Italian Parma Prosciutto – sliced only
• Jarlsberg Cheese – sliced or pieces

Market Update 1st November 2016

The quality and supply of Mangoes is improving every week – time to savour the taste customers!

Red Sweet Papaya is sweet tasting and good buy at FOS this week!

Banana prices and taste remains consistently good

Despite coming to the end of their season, Navel Oranges are still very sweet and juicy

Rockmelons are generally very good

Buy Shallots this week customers – they are locally grown and the price is great!

Our locally grown Eggplants are good value!

The supply quality of Broccoli is very good whereas the supply of Cauliflower has tightened up

Price of corn is still a little high due to supply issues

The quality of all our Lettuce is very high

Supplies of Locally grown Snow Peas have started and the quality is very good!

Salted Baccala with bones is a fantastic price this week –

Nothing better than a weekend BBQ to entertain guests and family so don’t forget to pick up your Original Heat Beads – 4 kilo bag is on sale this week at Fred’s One Stop

Whole Cacciatori Salami in both Hot & Mild Varieties leads our list of Le Grande Deli specials

Great when used in salads and on sandwiches is Princi Olive Mortadella – sliced only

Now is the time to buy Paesanella Ricotta Full Cream Cheese – a very good price this week

Market Update 25th October 2016

Red Sweet Papaya is a sweet price this week at Fred’s

Bananas are excellent – great tasting and well-priced

The market price is up on Avocados due to a shortage of supply

We have New Zealand Kiwifruit and the quality is excellent

The price on Mangoes should come down in the coming weeks as supplies increase – quality is good

The quality of Rockmelons is generally quite good

Navel Oranges are coming to the end of their season

Market prices on vegetables is generally higher than one would expect due to the heavy rainfall experienced in growing areas

Great saving on English Spinach customers!

Broccoli is of very sound quality

Supplies of Cauliflower is limited hence the higher than normal price

Locally grown Eggplant is of good quality and value

The local season of Zucchini has commenced

Good news on the Tomato front with prices having dropped

High prices can be expected to continue on Potatoes due to a shortage in supply from South Australia

From our Continental Grocery section we have Lavazza Caffe Espresso 500g (ground only) at a very good price

A great price also on Pineta Pandoro Classico – 750g

Le Grande Deli has three well-priced products this week:

• Honey Ham – great for that quick salad or on sandwiches
• Australian Feta Cheese –
• Chilli Chicken Breast –

Market Update 18th October 2016

Corella Pears are featured this week at Fred’s

Supplies of Kensington Pride Mangoes and the larger variety of R2E2 are increasing

We have Seedless Watermelon in store – supply from the NT and jam-packed with flavour

Yellow and White Peaches are a good choice along with Nectarines and with the warmer weather, we can soon expect larger and sweeter fruit

Blueberries are delicious and plentiful

Navel Oranges are coming to the end of their season however, the quality is still excellent – they are very sweet and juicy!

Strawberries at this stage are coming from Western Australia

The quality of Pineapples is very good

Locally grown Eggplant is of sound quality

The quality of Sydney grown Cucumber is high

Coloured Capsicum in the net is on special this week at FOS

Spring is the time customers, for the easy to prepare and Australian grown Asparagus

All varieties of Lettuce are very good in quality

Continental Groceries include the Limited Edition Schweppes Lemonade with Citrus and Cucumber in the 1.25L bottle

Jimmy’s Pride USA Raw Walnuts in the 800g Pack are a fantastic price this week

Never too early for Panettone at Fred’s One Stop – featured this week is Pineta Panettone Classico 900g

Le Grande Deli is bursting with great specials this week:

• Millel, Pecorino, Pepato and Romano Cheese – Pieces Only
• Sicilian Giant Green Olives
• Boutique Ham “IL COTTA” – Sliced only

Lastly we have featured this week in the La Fiamma newspaper two more great specials:

• Rocca Almond Meal
• Forte De Medici Mineral Water – Naturale or Frizzante

Market Update 11th October 2016

With warmer weather now here Seedless Watermelon makes an ideal afternoon treat: the kids will love it!

Kensington Pride Mangoes are in season from now until Mid-Summer. They are absolutely bursting with tropical flavour!

New Season Packam Pears are excellent – will ripen over the course of a few days


Strawberries are currently coming from Western Australia

Blueberries are in plentiful supply right now hence our super- special price this week at Fred’s One Stop…

We have quality Papaya from far north Queensland

The quality of our Navel Oranges is excellent – very sweet and very juicy!

We have locally grown Eggplant the quality and value of which is very good

Pumpkin varieties are good

Hand picked Green Beans are a good buy – superbly flavoured this week!

Have you tried Broad Beans

The prices of Round Tomatoes has improved with the arrival of warmer waether

Broccoli and Cauliflower represent sound quality and value

From the Grocery Department we have Garden Fresh Cornichons on special

Rocca Almond Meal is a really good price

Le Grande Deli have 3 fantastic specials this week:

• Masdaam Swiss Cheese in the 480g pack
• Champagne Ham – sliced only!
• Serrano Spanish Prosciutto – sliced only

Market Update 4th October 2016

Queensland Bananas are a super price this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Right now the quality of the Strawberries coming in from WA is good

Our New Zealand variety of Kiwi Fruit makes for a tempting snack or Pavlova topper!

Both the quality and value of Bananas is high

Rockmelons are flavoursome

Seedless Watermelon is high in quality and value

When it comes to vegetables this week the quality of Broccoli and Cauliflower is high

As the weather warms up we are expecting the prices of our locally grown Cucumbers to go down

The Australian season of Asparagus has commenced with the quality excellent

Our locally grown Eggplant not only represents good value it is considered to be perhaps the most versatile of all vegetables

Celery and Corn are good value

Lebanese Cucumbers are a fantastic price this week at Fred’s!

We have some exciting prices happening in Le Grande Deli this week; ask about our Back to School Specials!

The 750g pack of Riverina Pecorino Fresco Cheese is a great price!

Fonte De Medici Mineral Water (750ml) is on special this week and is available in the Naturale or Frizzante varieties

Double Smoked Ham is good value for money – makes for that extra tasty sandwich, Pizza topping or Cheese Platter

Kalamata Colossal Olives are not just a superb tasting Olive they are the classic table olive. Fantastic when added to salads!

Jarslberg Cheese; a nutty and flavoursome cheese that works equally well for cooking and snacking!

Market Update 27th September 2016

Sapo Melon is a fantastic buy at Fred’s this week – similar to a Rockmelon but lighter in taste

The quality and value of Hass Avocados is good – did you know that by replacing 20g of butter with Avocado that you reduce the kilojoule and fat content by half?

Bananas are as expected remaining constant in price and quality – also a good “pick-me-up” selection for a quick afternoon snack

The value and quality of Passionfruit is excellent

We have some excellent tasting Rockmelons right now

Mangoes are appearing on the market and although the price is still quite high, for the avid Mango lover, it matters little

Locally grown Eggplants represent some great quality and value

Ultra nutritious and nutty flavoured Broad Beans are top value at Fred’s!

English Spinach represents good value and quality this week!

Our Australian season of Asparagus is now underway with the quality and value set to improve as the weeks progress

Prices of Sydney grown Cucumbers is starting to ease as the warmer weather allows for faster growth

Locally grown Snow Peas have started and the quality to date has been very good

The price of Round Tomatoes has improved

From our Continental Grocery section we have 6 Pack San Pellegrino at a good price along with Large Pre Packed Olives

Have you been into Fred’s yet and checked out our intensive selection of South American Groceries along with our quality range of Asian, Italian, Greek foods etc.?

Le Grande Deli customers are featuring three great products:

• Continental Thin Frankfurts
• Italian Sausages in assorted varieties
• Ambrosia Cheese

We are fast approaching the Long Weekend – time to set the clocks forward on Sunday but more so, time for that enjoyable weekend family barbeque!

Market Update 20th September 2016

Good news for berry lovers: Blueberries are at their absolute best right now!

QLD Strawberries are at the end of their season

As usual the quality of our Bananas is great

We have good supplies of extra juicy and flavoursome Seedless Watermelon

Jam packed with flavour, the supplies of QLD Rockmelon is increasing

Reed and Hass Avocados from QLD are great value this week

Spring veggies customers are on their way!

Hand Picked Beans are our veggie special of the week

English Spinach is at its peak right now both for quality and price

Premium quality Cauliflowers are at bargain prices

Locally grown Eggplant makes for some tasty eating customers

You can’t go past Asparagus when it comes to something fast and simple to cook

All varieties of Pumpkin represent both good quality and value

JC’s 500g Large Lima Beans are well priced

We have Patiki Skinless Barramundi Fillets on special this week

Rounding out in our continental groceries we have La Molisana 250g Egg Pasta at a fantastic price

From Le Grande Deli this week we have Prosciutto on sale – available in pieces and sliced

We have sliced Bertocchi Mortadella at a good price – great on sandwiches

In finishing off for the week we have Grande Roma Pecorino Cheese (pieces only) at a fantastic price

Market Update 13th September 2016

The quality and value of Bananas is good

Navel Oranges are booth sweet and juicy – quality is excellent

Queensland Rockmelons taste great!

The quality of Pink Lady, Fuji and Red delicious is excellent

QLD and NT Seedless Watermelon is very flavoursome

Gourmet Tomatoes are on special this week at Fred’s

Asparagus is a great buy

Quality of Broccoli and Cauliflower is first-rate

We have locally grown Eggplant in store

Fresh Green Beans represent great value this week customers

All varieties of our Pumpkin represent quality and value

Golden Blossom Eucalyptus Honey is on special –100% Aussie Honey!

Happy Cow Cheese is an excellent price!

We have Riverina 2kg Natural Yoghurt at a good price

Le Grande specials this week include sliced mild and hot Flat Soppressa and Lite Leg Ham

Market Update 6th September 2016

Hass Avocados are now in season and the quality is excellent

Supplies of QLD Rockmelons are improving and the fruit is jam-packed with flavour

The next few weeks will see the best of the best QLD Strawberries coming into the market. The quality and value to date has been excellent

Bananas as expected remains constant in quality and value

Navel oranges are very sweet and juicy right now

New season Packham Pears, Corella and Bosc all represent great quality and value

The supply of celery has improved

Locally grown Snowpeas are arriving and the quality is very good

Cauliflower and Broccoli represent good quality and value

Jap Pumpkin is a hot price this week at Fred’s One Stop – has a nutty flavour, deep yellow flesh and is great when mashed

English Spinach is on special – an excellent source of vitamin C, Folate and Beta- Carotene, this delicately flavoured vegetable tastes great when stir fried with Garlic and Bacon

The Australian season for Asparagus has just started

Our Continental Grocery department boasts to great prices this week on Monte Fresco Ricotta Cheese and Hastings Valley Pecorino Cheese

Le Grande Deli specials for this week include Greek Dried Olives and San Daniele Italian Prosciutto

Soresina Provolone Dolce and Piccante is available at an extra special price – sliced and pieces

Market Update 30th August 2016

Xl Large New Zealand Kiwifruit are well priced at Fred’s this week – flavour is excellent!

Navel Oranges right now are extra sweet and juicy – why not purchase a box today…

Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith are available, the quality of which are excellent

Supplies of QLD Rockmelons are increasing

Bananas are excellent in quality, as we have all come to expect.

Strawberries in store are the QLD variety

Red Radish are great tasting when used in salads –

The Australian season of Asparagus has just started

Locally grown Eggplants are really good value

Our cauliflowers are of premium quality!

The quality of Sweet Potato is good as is the value

Golden Shore 5 kg Bags of Basmati Rice are an excellent buy with Premium and Classic varieties available

Yonca 5 litre Sunflower Oil is the best price in town this week

Auricchio Asagio Soft Cheese is available from Le Grande Deli –

Hungarian Salami in Hot and Mild varieties has been priced just right this week at Fred’s One Stop

Gold Medal European Premium Double Smoked Ham is the best! If you haven’t tried it, get on into Fred’s this week while the price is right.

Market Update 24th August 2016

Delicious top-tasting Australian Blueberries are a fantastic buy at Fred’s this week!

Bananas this week represent both quality and value

Extra Large Rockmelons are in good supply – another super special customers!

Red delicious, Pink Lady, Fuji and Granny Smith Apples are currently available and the quality is excellent

Navel Oranges are in full swing – very sweet and likewise, very juicy!

New season Bosc, Coralla and Packham Pears are all excellent – will ripen over the course of a few days

Both Cauliflower and Broccoli represent good quality and value – great winter veggies!

All varieties of Pumpkin customers represent good quality and value!

Good quality locally grown Eggplant is in store – a versatile winter vegetable

Locally grown Snow Peas have started and the quality is very good

Supplies of Corn have improved

From our grocery department we have Large Pre Packed Dry Olives at a must buy price!

Galaxy Green Lentils, Borlotti and Great Northern Beans are in good supply

Looking for that lunchbox filler?

Balconi Trancetto Snack Cakes make an affordable choice this week – they come in a pack of 10

Le Grande Deli have the best price on Honey Ham and the price of Maasdam Cheese is fantastic!

Market Update 17th August 2016

Roy’s –Large Strawberries are delectable and exceptionally well priced this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Pink Lady, Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples are plentiful right now and their quality is excellent

Customers, you simply can’t go past Bananas for price and quality

The taste of Kiwi Fruit right now is excellent!

If you tried Panama Passionfruit then now is the time to buy – quite an odd looking fruit but one that makes for delicious eating

Hand Picked Round Beans are a fantastic price!

Broccoli at present is representing great value and quality

Sweet Potato makes for a great tasting and well-priced vegetable

Plentiful supplies of Pumpkin at Fred’s right now…

We have Pickled Cabbages splendidly priced this week – often used as a base for stews and soups

Le Grande Deli are presenting Cherry Bocconcini at a very good price – this delicately flavoured fresh cheese is used to carry other flavours such as fresh herbs and extra virgin oil in salads

We also have Danish Mild with its mild smoky flavour and Spanish Hot Salami for those customers wanting that bit of hotness – great on sandwiches and pizza.

Market Update 9th August 2016

Corella Pears are on special this week at Fred’s and are loved for their sweet and crisp flavour

Tangy Lemons are in plentiful supply

The quality and value of Navel Oranges is excellent

Sweet Topless Pineapples are a super buy at Fred’s this week – this delicious fruit is high in Vitamin C

Hass Avocados are in season right now

QLD Bananas with their smooth and creamy texture are top value this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

Tangelos which are across between a mandarin and grapefruit are in store.

Lebanese Zucchini_ a great source of minerals and nutrients, this vegetable can be steamed, baked, barbequed and roasted .

Red and Green Capsicum represent good quality and value

Versatile Fennel makes for a seasonally good buy

Broccoli is in good supply and is well priced

Locally grown Eggplants represent good value

The quality and value of Cauliflower is excellent

Cirio 700g Passata Verace is a great product at a great price this week and one that has been teamed up LA Molisana Egg Pasta in the 250g packet

Featuring from Le Grande Deli this week customers is Authentic Soresina Grana Padano and Soresina Provolone Dolce.

Market update 2nd August 2016

Murcott Mandarins are a great special at Fred’s One Stop!

We have superb, tasty late season Fuji and Pink Lady Apples in store

Blood oranges are extra juicy and good for use in marinades and salad dressings

Strawberries make for some good eating this week!

Hass Avocados from Northern NSW and Southern QLD are plentiful

Right now Bananas are excellent both in taste and value!

We have a secured a great price on fresh Eggplant. An easy to prepare Mediterranean vegetable that tastes great when drizzled with olive oil and grilled. Why not add some cooked eggplant to your next homemade pizza

Fennel makes a very good buy this week at Fred’s –

Broccoli is a very affordable choice this week – a winter favourite

Early supplies of Artichokes are in from Victoria – this unique vegetable has a sweet and subtle flavor about it

From our Grocery department we have Zena 4 Litre Vegetable Oil and Pre Packed Danish Feta Cheese

Le Grande Deli has a CRAZY SPECIAL this week on Sliced Champagne Ham

Authentic Auricchio Provolone Dolce is a great price also customers!

Lastly, be sure you don’t forget that fresh bunch of flowers for your significant other.

Market Update 26th July 2016

Naval oranges are one of the sweetest tasting and best priced winter fruits available right now

Energy boosting and flavorsome Bananas are priced just right!

Simply can’t go past Large Gold Kiwi Fruit this week customers

Queensland strawberries are excellent right now – tasting fantastic!

If you like Avocados then maybe it’s time you dressed up your favorite winter salad with them tonight

Fresh Brussels Sprouts are excellent this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

Time to warm up those chilly winter nights with Jap or Jarrahdale Pumpkin flavored soups

Carrots are well priced this week at Fred’s

Vibrantly colored beetroot really comes into its own during the winter months

Cabbages make for ideally priced purchasing this week

Broccoli this week represents very good quality and value

Try some sweet tasting Parsnips that make a great alternative to Potatoes

Master Frozen Basa Fillets make for a quick and healthy meal – make up your favorite salad and away you go!

Hidden Valley Ricotta Cheese is fantastically well priced

From Le Grande Deli this week we have Mixed Olives at a really good price

Monte Nevado Spanish Prosciutto is on special this week – one of Spain’s most enjoyed foods. Now’s the time to try for yourself customers!

Market Update 19th July 2016

The time is now to buy Hass Avocados with their creamy texture and nutty flavor as the price is right

Packham Pears are very good – will ripen if left for a few days

The Northern QLD season for Rock Melons is underway and quality is sound

The quality and value of Bananas is very good

Passionfruit is excellent in value and quality

Now is the best time of the year to buy Topless Pineapples

Aniseed is very well priced this week at Fred’s One Stop

Broccoli is presenting well – a favorite wintertime vegetable

Brussels Sprouts are a good buy!

Orange fleshed Sweet Potato is in good supply this week – delicious when roasted, mashed (also known as Kumara)

If you are looking for a low kilojoule option, why not buy some Cauliflower. They can be grated to make couscous or cooked then mashed and served as a mashed potato substitute

From Le Grande Deli this week customers we have an Extra Special price on Spanish Iberico Cheese (available only in pieces)

Ham Deluxe which makes a great choice for sandwiches is well priced as is our Parmesan Reggiano which is available both sliced and in pieces

Our grocery specials are Mutti 12 pack Tomato Puree and Calnort Stock Cubes that come in a packet of 12

Market Update 13th July 2016

Sweet Extra Large Honeydew Melons are the special of the week at Fred’s.

Good news with the QLD Strawberry season now in full swing

Avocados this week are in plentiful supply; both small and large

Although only available for three months of the year, Blood Oranges a great choice

If you are looking for a sweet, seedless variety of orange, then the Cara Cara Navel is the perfect choice

Time to warm up this winter with some freshly harvested feisty Chillies from Bundaberg and Bowen – stocks are plentiful

Fill up a paper bag this week customers with some marvelous Mushrooms – ideal in risottos, gravies and casseroles

Good supplies of Pumpkin – an inexpensive vegetable that tastes divine when roasted!

If you haven’t tried Jimmy’s Figs customers, now is the time as the price this week is just right

Peitro Extra Virgin Olive Oil is well priced

We have 4kg bags of heat beads –

Le Grande Deli as always, has to really good specials this week with the first one being, Italian Parma Prosciutto – a great price!

Secondly they have the Millel brand of Pecorino, Romano and Pepato on sale

Market Update 5th July 2016

Avocados are in peak supply right now which means, the price is right!

We are currently in the peak season for citrus fruits with Blood Oranges from QLD and SA now in season

Get some Vitamin C in you and the family with Kiwi Fruit – scoop some up at Fred’s One Stop

Bananas are at their best price right now

Pears are in ample supply

From the veggie department we have Red Capsicums in nets as our special of the week

Winter is the perfect time for potatoes – try them fried, mashed, boiled or baked, they are one of the most versatile vegetables

Winter Time is soup time and the prices are right for the essential trio of carrots, Onions and Celery

Our grocery section has Golden Shore 5 kg White Sugar going for a crazy price this week and Tusan Tomato Paste in the 830g size.

Eskal 3kg Dill Pickles are likewise a good price –

Le Grande Deli specials are firstly, Ricotta Cheese that is available in both Full Cream and Low Fat varieties

Perfect choice for sandwiches or salads this week is Chilli Chicken Breast and Portuguese Chicken – sliced only

Market Update 29th June 2016

New Season Mandarins in the box customers are a great price this week and selling fast at Fred’s One Stop.

Every kitchen needs Lemons on hand especially during the cold months of when Honey and Lemon drinks can soothe sore throats – also great for enhancing and boosting the flavor of your cooking

Sweet juicy Tangelos are available right through until September

Queensland Strawberries are of sound quality

We have a favorite winter veggie Broccoli priced just right –

Renowned for their oniony flavor and divine taste, Leeks make the ideal base for your winter stew or braise.

Beetroot right now is bursting with colour and taste

Tasty fresh Carrots are a thrifty buy this week

Sun Rice 20kg Premium Jasmine Rice is going out a good price

In our grocery department customers, we have Petit Beurre 300g biscuits at a not to be missed price!

Le Grande Deli have two really good specials this week with the first one being Zanetti Grana Padano in a 200g pack but be quick customers because stocks are limited. The second special is Pancetta which is available in both Mild and Hot varieties

Market Update 21st June 2016

Hass Avocados are a great price this week at Fred’s. Either sliced or diced, avocados will dress up any winter salad

QLD Strawberry supplies are increasing – a delicious tasty snack or dessert option

There are plentiful supplies of Sweet, extra large Rock Melons.

Tangy Lemons are in great supply – great for soothing sore throats when mixed with honey

At their very best in winter, carrots are perfect for your winter soups and casseroles

Chinese cabbage is top value!

Delicately flavored Aniseed makes Chicken, Lamb and seafood taste fantastic when teamed together. Add to soups, and casseroles

Red Sweet Potatoes are well priced this week customers. Try using mashed Sweet Potato as a topping for your next cottage pie.

From the grocery section we have Green Lentils, Borlotti Beans and Great Northern Beans in 1kg bag on special.

For a quick and easy snack that the family will love, try some Royles Samosa and Spring Rolls

Le Grande Deli has Italy’s No 1 Soft Cheese, Auricchio Asiago at a very special price this week.

Champagne Ham is also well priced and makes a good choice for sandwiches and salads

Market Update 14th June 2016

This week shoppers, we have Seedless Watermelon going out at really good price; great when cut into wedges or chopped and added to fruit salads. For a sweet/sour salad try combining it with feta and mint

Honey-sweet and fragrant Rock Melons are plentiful at present.

Avocados are great at any time so why not dress up that winter salad with sliced or diced Avocados: teamed up with winter citrus fruit, pepper-flavored baby rocket leaves and a drizzle of your favorite olive oil.

The supply of QLD Strawberries is increasing and Passionfruits are priced well

Mandarins are delicious at this time of the year; always an option for lunchboxes

Nothing better than sweet Corn on the Cob customers – a family favorite that is priced just right this week

For a tasty winter treat why not roast or boil some Jerusalem Artichokes for the family.

Time to get some greens into you this week; Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower and Cabbages are at their natural best

Fennel is in season and delicious! This aniseed flavored is scrumptious when teamed up with seafood, lamb or chicken

From our grocery department we have Palmfruit Dates:

Nutella & Go is a great price this week…Hazelnut and breadsticks together make the perfect snack anytime snack!

Australian Prosciutto is well this week priced customers. as are the Colossal Kalamata Olives

Market Update 7th June 2016

Versatile and tangy-tasting Imperial Mandarins are plentiful…perfect for an afternoon snack!

This week at Fred’s we have tasty tropical Pineapples that make a great dessert when warmed in butter and brown sugar before being served with a dollop of fresh cream

Now is the time to try Rhubarb if you haven’t already done so; team them up with apples or pears and a little sugar for a very tangy dessert that is rich in calcium and fibre. When stewed together, top with custard, ice cream or rice cream for the perfect winter dessert

Hass Avocados are a good price

Aniseed is a real value-for-money buy at Fred’s this week! A sweet, mild liquorice tasting vegetable that is especially popular in Italy and France, the bulbous base of which can be thinly sliced and used in salads or sliced and cooked

Large Red Capsicum are priced just right customers; sliced, diced, roasted or eaten raw, these tasty vegetables will liven up any meal with their sweet, savory taste.

Beetroot is a top buy this week!

Versatile and vibrantly colored carrots are the perfect winter vegetable: add them to soups, casseroles and stir-fries

Egg noodles in a 1kg are available from our grocery department as is Mama Rosa’s Beef Lasagne in a 2.8kg pack.

Le Grande Deli specials this week are firstly, Feta Cheese and secondly Short Cut Bacon. Both are exceptionally well priced.

Market Update 31st May 2016

Pears are plentiful; succulent and juicy, they taste great when sliced and tossed through some rocket leaves.

Add some zing to your dinner-desserts with some zesty, juicy lemons!

We have good supplies of tasty and easy to peel Imperial Mandarins. Always a favourite lunchtime addition or afternoon snack for the kids

Perfect time to try Rhubarb, that when cooked with pears or apples, makes the classic autumn-winter dessert. Delicious when served hot or cold and topped with custard

Fresh Spinach bunches are a great price customers! Combines well with soft cheeses like ricotta and feta in dishes such a lasagne and spanakopita.

Gourmet Tomatoes customers, are priced just right this week at Fred’s One Stop. This premium, sweet tasting tomato is great when slow-roasted with garlic and a touch of rosemary.

If you like Pumpkin customers, then why not try baking Jap, Grey and Butternut together with all three going out for the same crazy price!

Add some Eggplant to the evening meal; place layers of grilled eggplant in a baking dish, then alternate with layers of tomato and low-fat mozzarella cheese. Serve with grilled chicken or lamb

Plentiful supplies of Green Beans

From our Grocery Department we have Kipseli Honey in the 1kg Tub for you…

From Le Grande Deli customers we have Casa Double Smoked Ham and Jarslberg Cheese on special…. slices of which, that when rolled together, make a deliciously tasty and healthy lunchtime alternative.

Market Update 25th May 2016

At such a good price this week at Fred’s, it’s time to try Pomegranates! Just peel and eat or add them to your favorite green salad, sprinkle them over ice cream or yoghurt or alternatively, use them to make a tempting Pomegranate Dip

For a bit of crunchiness, why not try adding in season Pears to your favorite salad; with their natural sweetness Pears are great when roasted or poached in making elegant desserts.

Both Shepard and Hass Avocados are in peak supply right now!

Absolutely first class is the current crop of Imperial Mandarins; not only are they sweet, succulent and well priced, they make the ideal snack for both kids and adults

Try our spoon-ripened Persimmons over some cooked porridge and drizzle with honey for a superb autumn treat!

Red and Yellow Banana Chillies are a great price at Fred’s this week:

We have a good supply of in-season Brushed, Desiree and Pontiac potatoes. There is nothing better than a creamy bowl of mashed potatoes with an evening meal.

Great value for money this week on Silverbeet and English Spinach, as well as the Brussels Sprouts.

Time to roast up some Chestnuts; with their sweet, nutty flavor and versatility, Chestnuts provide a fantastic opportunity for you to make that evening meal extra special

In groceries this week we have Rocco Food’s Potato Gnocchi going out a great price. We also have 680g Siena Tomato Puree at a likewise, not to missed price!

Not to be left behind is our Le Grande Deli specials with Casa Salami both hot and mild exceptionally well priced this week, as is our Soresina Provolone: available either sliced or in pieces.

Market Update 17th may 2016

Cocktail Avocados are a great price this week at Fred’s One Stop

Australia’s favourite, the Cavendish banana is priced well and eating well….why nor try cooking up some wholesome Banana Bread for the family

Kale represents a good deal for customers able to buy two bunches for a really low price; providing more nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other vegetable and has a lively, sharp-tasting flavour with bitter peppery qualities

Providing the perfect Autumn treat with the sweetest of sweet, Persimmons!

Now is the right time for Pears with their naturally sweet taste and crunchy texture…a family favourite during Autumn

Pontiac, Desiree and Brushed Potatoes are in good supply that is great news for those loving a creamy serving of mashed potatoes with the evening meal

Time to roast up some CHESTNUTS!

If you haven’t tried fennel before, now might be the right time: their distinctive mild aniseed flavour is delicious when teamed up with Lamb, Fish and Tomato

With a sweet and nutty flavour, chestnuts provide the versatility when looking for that special something in an evening meal

In groceries we have Brasilero Italian Blend in both Ground and Beans for a not to missed special price.

Yonka and Askari Sunflower Oil is on sale this week in a 5 Litre bottle

Rounding out this week customers, we have from le Grande deli, Mixed Olives at an exceptionally low price as well as Zanetti Reggiano Parmesan (whole and pieces) going out at a great price!

Market Update 3rd May 2016

Locally grown English Spinach is a fantastic price at Fred’s this week

Fresh Australian Broccoli is a great price!

Why not try some Broccolini customers – that delightful tasting vegetable with its asparagus-like stems and florets that is so often used in Asian dishes

Stir Fries are the ideal meal for people who are always on the go; grab a quick Stir Fry ready mix; throw in some Bok Choy, Choy Sum and some Mushrooms and you’re there!

Ever tried Chokoes – an oldie but a goodie and delicious when steamed then served with a little butter and some Dill.

In fruit lines this week we have some very Sweet Persimmons as well as Limes that are less acidic than Lemons and have a slightly more subtle-tasting flavor to them. They tend to be used extensively in Thai and Vietnamese Salad Dressings

Bananas are as usual, are an ever reliable and kid-pleasing choice.

Sweet-eating Custard Apples are a taste sensation customers!

In groceries we have Hidden Valley Ricotta Cheese at a not to be missed price…

Rice as we know is a staple part of many different cuisines hence this week customers, we have 10kg bags of Medium Grain Sun Rice at a budget saving-price.

Check out Le Grande Deli specials this week…. Primo Porchetta and Mortadella both at money-saving prices!

Market Update 27th April 2016

This week we have Sweet Australian Mandarins in the box. Did you know that Imperial Mandarins are virtually seedless?

Freshly harvested Apples are the go this week customers!

Pomegranates this year are absolutely bursting with juice and flavor. They compliment Lamb and chicken dishes while the juice can be used for Salad Dressings and Marinades

We have some sweet and juicy Rockmelons in store right now

In veggies we have Chokoes at an exceptionally good price this week

Crunchy Fennel with it’s delicate flavor is in and can be eaten either raw or in soups

With the weather changing why not add Zucchinis to that evening casserole or frittata

Autumn time is Mushroom time, at least when it comes to adding it into your favorite dishes.

Though not everyone’s favorite, we have Brussels Sprouts – why not try some this week steamed or stir fried with bacon, hazelnuts and Olive Oil

Grab some Brown Onions this week for some yummy homemade French Onion Soup

From our grocery department we have Pietro Extra Virgin Olive Oil going out at a great price in the 500ml bottle and also, the Green Leaf Tomato Paste 800g.

Le Grande Deli has two great specials with Bertocchi Flat Sopressa in both the Hot and Mild varieties.

Goat Cheese Chevre is also a great price this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

Market Update 20th April 2016

Australian Corella Pears are a great buy this week at Fred’s One Stop! Enjoy their mild flavor when either, firm and crisp or when fully ripened, when they have a softer texture.

Seedless Watermelon always makes for a mouth watering, healthy refreshing snack. Priced just right!

Now is the time for Persimmons and the simplest way of savoring this delectable Autumn fruit, is to scoop the centre of the fruit out with a spoon.

Try the Custard Apples with their very soft, creamy-white flesh especially after teaming it together with citrus fruit or Passionfruit

ANZAC DAY – a time long respected as a time of remembrance with Rosemary being the fragrant herb associated, with Anzac Day

Autumn time is Chestnut time customers!

Soup time is almost upon us customers, so pop on in and take advantage of our Super Fresh Food variety in the one-kilo pack.

Buy One Get One Free!

Can’t get anything better than that this week other than at Fred’s, with Vittoria Coffee presenting itself as an offer just too good to refuse!

Le Grande Deli turns it on this week with Prosciutto Di Parma – absolutely priced just right!

Rounding out for the deli this week is Grana Padano Soresina – available in grated or pieces, this cheese is definitely a brand of excellence!

Market Update 6th April 2016

Australian Black Grapes are the pick of the specials this week at Fred’s

Now is the time for New Season Apples – Jazz, Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Fuji

Likewise we have New Season Pears in store such as Beurre Bosc, William Pears and Packham Pears

Australian grown Gold and Green Kiwifruit is in store – for an extra sweet treat, layer Low Fat Yoghurt, Granola in a glass then add Kiwifruit before topping with honey and nuts…delicious!

In veggies this week customers, we have 5kg bags of Brushed Potatoes at a fantastic price!

It is Brussels Sprout time – steam them, roast or boil them. You can even pan-fry them. Add your favorite spices to them when teaming with pan-fried bacon, Olive Oil and Hazelnuts

Tantalise your taste buds customers with Fresh Herbs such as Tarragon, Mint, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Coriander

Ever tried crunchy Fennel with its Aniseed flavor – delicious when pan-fried with Onion and Olive Oil until tender then seasoned and sprinkled with crumbled Feta Cheese. Certainly a dish that would have you going back for seconds!

Carrots, which are rich in Beta-carotene, Fibre, Vitamin K, Potassium and antioxidants, are a good price at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

From our Continental Grocery department we have 2 great specials: Frozen Portuguese Sardines and Vegeta Stock that is available in both Gourmet and Chicken Stock varieties

Le Grande Deli has Ambrosia Cheese on sale this week – a sweet, sour aroma and very fruity almost wine-like, full flavoured tasting cheese that has a sweet after-taste, thus making it the perfect cheese for melting and cooking with

Customers, we also have Authentic Sicilian Green Olives this week at a great price!

Market Update 16th March 2016

Seedless White Grapes are a great price this week customers

With the harvesting of most varieties of Apples taking place between the months of March and May, our range of Apples at Fred’s make for some deliciously sweet and crisp eating

Red Sweet Papaya makes for some great eating also

Bananas are in great supply right now and are eating well

It is now peak time for delicious eating Figs!

Why not try some sweet eating Persimmons – in season and a fruit that can be eaten well when it is crisp and firm

If you are looking for something out of the box sweet this week, try some of our Seedless Watermelon that hails from the Riverina region

In vegetables customers, Whole Pumpkin is very well priced

Kale is a great choice this week…. jam-packed with vitamins and goodness!

Time now customers to enjoy Australian grown Chestnuts

Mushrooms, the perfect accompaniment to so many dishes makes for a healthy, tasty and easy to prepare option

Get your Colombo Easter Cake from Fred’s One Stop in time for Easter

Our 500g packs of Walnuts have been flying out the door customers and this week they will be moving even faster at such a great price!

Rounding out and from Le Grande Deli customers, we have Bertocchi Mortadella on special and Maasdam Cheese which is an imported line from Holland

Market Update 9th March 2016

October Summer Plums are a great buy this week at Fred’s

Bananas are a good buy – great pick-me-up snack any time of the day!

Australian Valencia Oranges are also a super price per Box this week at Fred’s One Stop

Although small in size, Victorian Strawberries are making for some delicious eating customers

Apples are crisp and delicious right now

Now is the perfect time to enjoy Pears especially our Beurre Bosc, Corelli and William varieties

Seedless varieties of Grapes are sweet and deliciously crisp right now

The Chestnut season has begun customers!

New Season Fennel has a tantalizing aniseed flavor to it

Roma Tomatoes have dropped somewhat in price

Pumpkin and Brown Onions continue to be good value for money

From our Grocery department we have Special White Flour in the 5kg bag on sale as well as Basa Fillets in a 1kg Pack

Le Grande Deli has Primo Spanish and Danish Salami priced to sell as well as Gluten, MSG and Sugar-Free Imperial Boneless Ham.

Market Update 2nd March 2016

Late Season Yellow Nectarines are a fantastic price at Fred’s this week!

Did you know that March is a top month for Australian grown Grapes.

Right now Australian grown Valencia Oranges are in abundance and make for some great snacking!

Seedless Watermelon is well priced this week

For Avocado lovers, the price is finally going down, down, down!

Honeydew Melons are a good choice at Fred’s One Stop

Have you tried our Fabulous Figs yet and did you know that Figs are 55% natural sugar, a fact that in effect means, that Figs have the highest sugar content of any common fruit.

From the veggie department we have hand-picked Round Beans this week – a top buy at Fred’s One Stop this week

Broccoli is currently well priced customers.

Victorian grown Celery is likewise, priced well.

Did you know, that Autumn is actually Pumpkin season?

When it comes to quality, Cauliflower is at its absolute best!

Moving onto Groceries, we have Latteria Soresina Topolino at a good price as is
Lavazza Torino Qualita Oro

From Le Grande Deli we have Monte Fresco Cherry Bocconcini

We also have on special this week Authentic Burgomaster Double Smoked Ham and customers, it is a special not to missed…the taste is divine!

Market Update 24th February 2016

Golden Queen Peaches are not only at their best from Late February to early March, they are the pick of Fred’s One Stop specials!

Peaches and Nectarines still make for some fantastic eating.

Bananas are at a fantastic price customers and great for that pick-me-up snack!

Seedless Watermelon makes for great eating this week and represents good value.

Fibre-rich and tropical tasting Passionfruit team with so many of our Summer Fruits.

Customers, we have Tegan Blue Plums that are sweet, juicy and priced just right.

Make the most of our late season Mangoes while they last; good price this week at Fred’s!

Sweet tasting William Pears make for a good choice and taste fantastic when added to a salad.

In vegetables this week our hand-picked Green Beans are a great option.

Chinese cabbage is a good price as is Cos Lettuce

Golden Cobs of Sweet Corn are a popular choice this week

Butternut Pumpkin is our best price vegetable special. They are rich in flavor and vitamins!

A popular choice for green smoothies is Kale; ever tried it?

From our Grocery department we have Basma Frozen Falafel Chick Peas and Riverina Natural Yoghurt

Le Grande Deli has Montasio Cheese and Piave Cheese.

Monte Nevado Jamon Spanish Prosciutto rounds out the great prices and good value here at Fred’s

Market Update 16th February 2016

Sweet and juicy late season Plums make for a good choice this week customers – Tegan Blue, Anglino and Sugar Plums.

Fruit “Special of the Week” here at Fred’s; Seedless Watermelon!

The best sweet eating and succulent In Season fruit customers are Figs – great as a snack and likewise when added to desserts or salads.

Rock Melons are delightful but did you know, that they continue to ripen after harvesting? So if it a tasty Rock Melon you are after, remember to cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate it once you have cut it.

Now is the time when Valencia Oranges come into their own, as they are rich in Vitamin C, sweet and juicy and they make a great afternoon snack for the kids

New Season Shepard Avocados have hit the market with their creamy flesh – great for salads!

In vegetables this week we have Lebanese Cucumbers on special this week at Fred’s One Stop. A perfect accompaniment to salads!

Cauliflowers are another good buy customers!

From our Grocery Department this week we have a great buy on 5 Litre Tamax Sunflower Oil…too much of a good price for customers to pass over…we also have Tasman Shore Basmati Rice (5 kg variety) on special.

Rounding out the week from Le Grande Deli customers we have Jarslberg Cheese (sliced or pieces) and Fresh Italian Sausages that are fantastic for the BBQ!

Market Update 10th February 2016

Muskat Grapes are a great price this week

Succulent and refreshing Lychees make for some great eating this week. Try them wrapped in Prosciutto then grilled.

The late season Nectarines are delicious as are the late season Peaches

For those customers with a taste for something sweet, try our Plums

Nothing better than a nice, crisp apple to sink your teeth into customers; try our New Season Gala Apples! To keep your apples crisp, just place then in the fridge.

The Stanhope, Bilpin and Batlow Apple harvest is currently underway.

Moving along to vegetables, broccoli at Fred’s this week is a really good price!

If you have never tried Bok Choy then with celebrations high for Chinese New Year, now is the time. Excellent for stir-fries!

With a tender, subtle flavor Eggplant when cooked with other vegetables, Tomato, herbs and Garlic, tastes divine

Snake Beans are also excellent with stir-fries and this week, the price is quite reasonable

Groceries: Alwazah Tomato Paste is a great price as are the Siena Olives in the 1.9 kg jar.

Rounding out this week, we have from Le Grande Deli Kulin Mild, Sunkarica and Zagreb Salami that are all at good prices as is the Grana Padano Soresina.


Market Update 3rd February 2016

Mouthwatering New season Royal Gala Apples have arrived in the store…a great healthy snack for kids

Plentiful supplies of Sweet Juicy Plums can be found at Fred’s this week

William Pears ripen very quickly customers so make sure you eat within 2-3 days after purchasing

The news is good on grapes this week with plentiful supplies of seedless Menindee, Crimson and Red Flame having arrived…all tasting crisp and crunchy

Rock Melons are a very good buy this week

In vegetables this week at Fred’s we have Black Zucchini on special.

Eggplant is really good value this time of the year with growers harvesting some excellent crops

Celery makes for a great buy this week

Nothing better than handpicked crisp and crunchy Green Beans that have been drizzled with Olive Oil and sprinkled with a little garlic

Red, Green and yellow varieties of Sweet Banana Chiilies are a great buy this week customers.

From the Grocery department we have Villa Peeled or Diced Tomatoes and Tamax Sunflower Roasted White Seeds on sale

From Le Grande Deli we have the much sought after San Daniele Prosciutto on sale this week

We also have Provolone Dolce Picante Soresina Cheese…available in both slices and pieces

Market Update 27th January 2016

Mouthwatering Seedless Watermelon is the pick of the specials this week at Fred’s.

Both the yellow and white varieties of Nectarines and Peaches can make for some delicious eating with natural sweetness making them an irresistible choice for healthy snacks and desserts.

We have Peaches, Peaches, Peaches!

Did you know that the Golden Queen Peach is a very popular choice when it comes to poaching and preserving? Now is the time to buy for those intend on making jams and other preserves
But New Season is really the go at Fred’s this week with sweet, juicy William Pears now available. For something different, why not try Silvana Pears; they possess a “crisp bite” and are loaded with a good sugar/acid balance.

We have good supplies of extra tasty Blueberries from Southern NSW and Tasmania.

In vegetables this week at Fred’s Snake Beans are a fabulous buy: terrific for most Asian Dishes or alternatively, they are delicious when compliments with fresh herbs such as Garlic

Corn is a great price this week customers…and the kids love it!

Zucchinis are a good choice as are Eggplant…

With the humidity having been so high of late, it is recommended that leafy greens such as Spinach and coriander be purchased and used the same day as they are currently not storing well.

From the Deli this week customers, we have sliced Mediterranean Lamb at a good price.

We also have Asagio Soft and Hard Cheeses on special this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping.