Market Update 15th December 2015

Red Sweet Papaya supplies have swamped the market hence the sensational price this week at Fred’s One Stop

Flavorsome, sweet eating Nectarines and Peaches are plentiful this week. Have you ever tried them roasted or poached as a Summer Dessert?

Bananas are likewise exceptionally we priced and very tasty but one can simply not go past the Cherries the taste of which is nothing short of superb!

Mangoes are in full swing with supplies being high of delicious Kensington Pride and R2D2 varieties. The perfect summer dessert that you simply won’t be able to get enough of!

If you want to save money then buying your Mangoes and Cherries by the box is the only way to go customers.

White Seedless Grapes make for some great eating this week.

Rock Melons are now exceptionally well priced as are Lychees which is why, now is the ideal time to try them. Lychees taste particularly good when served with Ice Cream or when wrapped in Prosciutto then grilled

Excellent growing conditions across the eastern seaboard have resulted in solid supplies of most vegetable lines including Cauliflower, Broccolini and Iceberg Lettuce.

Tomato supply and prices remain steady.

Good news with Pumpkin; prices are coming down!

From our grocery department customers we have Fornidea, Rocca Foods and Vecchio Forno Pandoro, all which are at special prices this week

The price of our 24 pack of S. Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water will get you hopping on into Fred’s…

From Le Grande Deli we have Flat Hot and Mild Sopressa priced well and also Continental Frankfurts.

Market Update 7th December 2015

What a fantastic week for fruit!

Fred’s One Stop has it all from 2 kg and 5kg Cherries to Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines. Be early and place your Christmas order today…

Kensington Pride, R2E2 and Calypso Mangoes are simply bursting with sweetness.

It’s a Berry Bonanza with strawberries and Raspberries just too good to pass over. Both are ideal for Desserts and Smoothies. Afraid of them going off before you get to eat them? No problem, chop them and store a mixed combination of fruit that you can pop straight into the Blender for those early morning starts.

Figs are just about to hit the shop customers!

Bananas as always are cheap and very tasty.

Papaya and Seedless Watermelon are well priced due to a continuing abundance of supply

Tomatoes are affordable and tasty!

If you are into raw vegetables try our Cauliflower that tastes remarkably good in a salad or with your favorite homemade dip

Onions and Potatoes are well priced which is great news if you are planning that weekend barbeque. The New Season Brown Onions from Queensland are moist and sweeter eating.

Market Update 2nd December 2015

Best special in town this week is Sweet Seedless Watermelon: a crackerjack special at Fred’s One Stop!

5 kg boxes of Sweet Cherries are also a great buy!

Topless Pineapples might not be the largest we have ever seen but they certainly are delicious!

Mangoes are simply to die for! At their absolute best right now, with varieties ranging from Kensington Pride Mangoes (also known as Bowen Mangoes) R2E2 variety, and Honey Gold Mangoes available to select from.

Nectarines and Peaches make for some great eating right now as do our Apricots.

As we have come to expect this year, Bananas continue to be priced well and tasty to eat.

Sweet seedless Watermelon is a great summer favorite and is superbly priced!

Without doubt, the Hass Avocados from Western Australia are the best….there are no other Avocados that compare. An absolute must for summer salads!

News on the vegetable front is not so good customers:

Extreme heat conditions have resulted in supply shortages, quality issues and subsequent higher prices however, with many new crops that are able to survive the heat conditions, higher prices will be short-lived.

Zucchinis are certainly one vegetable that is well worth buying.

Le grande Deli has some fantastic specials this week including Provolone Cheese, Dolce and Piccante.

Perfect for that “good ol” Christmas lunch or dinner, we have ready to cook Porketta at a good price.

Customers, you can also pick up First Grade Middle Bacon Rashers or Ham Deluxe both of which, are extremely well priced this week at Fred’s!

Rounding out our specials this week we have from our Continental Grocery section, Rocco Foods Almond Meal….

Market Update 25th November 2015

Right now customers the Nectarines and Peaches are absolutely delicious and well priced, as are our Apricots

Sweet Red Papaya is on special this week along with Fred’s One Stop pick for this week; Sapo Melons that are going out the door at a crazy price!

New season Grapes are now available and Limes are good value

Mangoes from the Northern Territory are fantastic for taste!

The first batch of Cherries have arrived and over the coming weeks customers, the quality will only get better

As we have come to expect over recent weeks, the Bananas are tasty and well priced

Watch for the new season of Raspberries to hit the shop…

Although quite small the Topless Pineapples are good and well worth a try

Unfortunately for customers, the picture is not so bright with vegetables due mainly to the substantial heat wave conditions that serve only to decimate many leafy green crops and force prices up

The quality of our Australian Asparagus is excellent

Locally grown Zucchinis are very good both for quality, and taste!

Beautiful locally grown Lebanese cucumbers are excellent quality and value

All varieties of Lettuce represent quality and value

From our grocery section we have the 750g variety of Vecchio Forno Crema Tiramisu and Chocolate Cake

Le Grande Deli has for you this customers a few great specials including Swiss Cheese and Australian Traditional Smoked Ham

Market Update 18th November 2015

Pick for this week customers are the Sweet Apricots

Rock Melons this week represent very good quality and value

Peaches and Nectarines make for some delicious eating

Pineapples at this time are sweet and juicy

The price of watermelon is a little high

From the vegetable section we are seeing good quality and value in both Broccoli and Cauliflower

Although the price of Beans is high, the quality is excellent

Beautifully grown Lebanese Cucumbers not only taste excellent, the price is right

Celery represents both good quality and value

From our Grocery Department we have Frozen Basa Sliced1kg bags at a special price.

Sweet Angel and Pineta Panettone are well priced

Le Grande Deli have some great specials this week including Continental Frankfurts and Reggiano Parmigiano Parmesan Cheese

A reminder to our customers, that it’s time now to order your fresh Zammit Ham and Turkey for Christmas

Market Update 11th November 2015

Sweet juicy Nectarines are amazing this week at Fred’s! Taste is good and the price is right!

Our sweet Rock Melons are also the go customers. Price and quality is very good

Watermelon although currently a little high in price, eats very well

If you have been waiting for Mangoes customers, the absolute best of them are currently arriving from Katherine.

Always an excellent and healthy choice for a smoothie, Topless Pineapples are well priced due their strong supply

Lemons are not priced well customers whereas the price of Limes is likely to drop to below that of Lemons due to an ever-increasing supply of them, into the markets

Tomatoes at last are beginning to ease in price

Supplies generally of vegetables are good this week.

The quality and price of Cauliflower and Broccoli remains good

Beans and Corn make for a good choice for customers, as do Kale and Dutch Carrots. All are eating well and the price is good

Across the board the quality and price of Lettuce varieties is very good

As we have come to expect, the quality of our locally grown Zucchini is excellent

From the grocery department we have salted Baccala Fillets on sale

Le Grande Deli suggestions are sliced Provolone Cheese and Bertochi Mortadella which is available, both in plain and olive varieties

Lastly, don’t go past our pre packed Australian Semi Dried Black Olives

Market Update 4th November 2015

Sweet Yellow peaches are the go this week at Fred’s along with Nectarines.

The quality of our Bananas continues to be good

Victorian season for berries has started – the quality is good but they still a little on the expensive side

Seedless Watermelon – price and taste fantastic this week

Pineapples are sweet and juicy – good value for money

Quality of Rock Melons is also good

The quality and value is very good for our Australian Asparagus

Beautifully grown Local Cucumbers represent good taste and value for money

We have ample supplies of locally grown Zucchini

Cabbage and Kale represent good quality and likewise, value

From our Continental grocery department we have Special White Flour and Minas Kava Ground Coffee on special this week

Rounding out this week customers is sliced Soccerball Ham and Milel Pecorino Cheese, both of which are well priced

27th October 2015

Good news for customers with Victorian Strawberries having replaced the QLD and WA varieties.

Pink Lady Apples are absolutely the best right now

The Australian grown Nectarines and Peaches make for some delicious eating

Not so good news on the Mango front customers with shortages still expected for the next couple of weeks as growing areas finish up and new ones are yet to start. Best to wait if you can.

As we have come to expect recently, the quality and value of our Bananas remains constant

Cabbages are a fantastic price this week

Kale and Dutch Carrots represent quality and value for money

The quality and value of Australian Asparagus is excellent

Locally grown Lebanese Cucumbers is excellent as are the locally grown supplies of Zucchini

There is nothing better than fresh Borlotti Beans especially when the price is so good!

Le Grande Deli has some specials this week customers:

  • Happy Cow Cheese
  • Riverina Natural Yoghurt
  • Australian Prosciutto
  • First grade Middle Grade Bacon Rashers

Finally, don’t forget customers, to order your Meat Platters for Melbourne Cup!

The race that stops a Nation!

Market Update 20th October 2015

The quality and value of bananas remains good

Both the quality and taste of Blueberries is very good.

At this stage in the season Kensington Pride Mangoes are the best for taste…just amazing!

Great special this week customers on Black Zucchini with their creamy white flesh. Good to eat any way you choose to cook them!

Hydroponic Lettuce in 3 varieties pack will make any salad look fantastic.

Locally grown leafy vegetables represent good quality and value especially Rhubarb, English Spinach, Basil and Shallots

From the grocery section we have Raureni Plum Butter on special. Having no preservatives, sugars or artificial flavors makes it ideal for cooking.

Marinated Mixed Olives from Le Grande Deli are well priced and a must for the weekend barbeque. And of course the pre packed Danish Feta!

Don’t forget to place your order this week from our Deli Department in time for Melbourne Cup – the race that stops the nation!

And who can go past Imperial ham for salads and sandwiches.

Market Update October 14 2015

Blueberries are in an oversupply at the markets this week hence the bargain price for our customers.

Strawberries are reasonably priced and Papaya is the pick of our fruit specials at Fred’s One Stop

Hass Avocados are in good supply….price is reasonable

Unfortunately there has been a break in supply of the Northern Territory Mangoes however it will not last long.

The quality of Pineapples remains extremely good which is only to be expected since, this is the best time of the year for them!

In vegetables this week customers, you simply cannot go past local and more specifically, our locally grown Broad Beans

Customers, our Gourmet Tomatoes in the bag are very well priced!

Not forgetting our locally grown Lebanese Cucumbers – a great buy!

Broccoli, a powerhouse verdant green vegetable that is jam-packed with nutrients reputed to benefit your digestion, cardio and immune system is this week reasonably priced

Cauliflower represents both quality and value – excellent when added to salads

From the grocery department customers we have 1 kilo Lavazza Coffee on special and also Saloio Portuguese Olive Oil

Market Update 6th October 2015

Blueberries are fantastic both in price and quality

Mangoes direct from Northern Territory are in abundance. The quality is excellent.

The quality of Rock Melons is very good

Topless Pineapples are very sweet and priced exceptionally well this week. We are in the best time of the year right now for Pineapples

Bananas are priced well and taste delicious…good yellow color to this ever -popular fruit

Spring has well and truly sprung with Broccoli and Kale representing good value for money this week at Fred’s

Asparagus at this time is as good as it gets in quality and taste

Get on in customers for some locally grown Lebanese Cucumbers. Not only do they taste great, the price is right!

Finally our Punnet Tomatoes have begun to ease in price which is great news for our customers

Corn and Beans continue to be in oversupply hence, the price should remain good for some time

Rhubarb – though not an all time favorite, it makes for an excellent dessert when combined with Apple or Pear

Groceries – Cirio Passata (6 pack) is exceptionally well priced customers

From the USA we have 350g Shelled Walnuts from Super Fresh Foods

Le Grande Deli – Pieces or Sliced Swiss Cheese is priced just right along with sliced Boneless Imperial Ham

Market Update 30th September 2015

The fruit we’ve all been waiting for……MANGOES!

Kensington Mangoes are a soft medium-sized Mango with a golden flesh renowned for its luscious, sweet and slightly tangy flavor. The skin is of a rich orange appearance tinged with a pinkish or reddish blush

Now what kid doesn’t love Bananas?

Priced just right this week, Bananas provide that added boost of energy and is jam-packed with nutrients for healthy young bodies

As we have come to except, Berries are fantastic as is the Papaya

The quality and value of Navel Oranges is excellent. Ruby navels in particular are delicious; great for juicing and for those customers who prefer a less acidic taste.

Best time of the year for Pineapples with both the quality and value right up
Oranges – Navels are in season – quality and value are excellent. Ruby navels are particularly delicious – great for juicing or eating, and good for those who prefer a less-acidic taste. Blood oranges are also excellent right now

Good news for our customers with the price of Tomatoes falling.

Although it can be an acquired taste, Australian Asparagus is rich in nutrients and full of flavor. Why not try some on the Barbeque?

Lebanese Cucumbers along with Telegraph Cucumbers represent both quality and value this week at Fred’s.

Groceries – Fraccaro Gondoeta Cakes are the go this week, along with 24pk
S. Pellegrino Spring Mineral Water.

Rounding out our specials at Fred’s One Stop Shopping this week, Le Grande Deli have Provolene Cheese and Soccerball Ham.

Spring has well and truly sprung this week customers so hop on in for some great specials to get you through this action-packed NRL Grand Final weekend!

Market Update 22nd September 2015

Bananas, Bananas, Bananas!

Warmer temperatures has results in a heavy influx of Bananas into the markets which means good prices for customers

The quality of Hass Avocados is outstanding right now, what with their nutty taste and creamy thick texture, who could past them?

For those who’ve hanging for the succulent taste of a Mango, here at Fred’s we have Kensington Mangoes on special this week

Seedless Watermelon is also the go this week

Best time of the year for Pineapples customers; quality and value is excellent

Pick of the vegies customers….Plain Cabbages!

Beetroot and Chinese vegetables are in good supply this week as are Shallots, Kale and Rhubarb

Groceries….cannot go past Basa Fillet packs that are at a great price along with Tamax 3 litre Oil and Natoora European Sunflower seeds

Amazing week for Le grande deli with no less than 5 great specials this week.

Market Update 16th Sept 2015

As usual the Strawberries are fantastic as are the Blueberries this week

Boxed Alfourer Mandarins are a great price this week!

Papaya makes for some very succulent eating

Topless Pineapples are of good quality and value

In what has been an amazing bout of warm weather, customers can expect the prices and quality of vegetable lines to improve over the coming weeks

Rhubarb is good quality and tastes amazing when cooked with either Apples or Pears

A favorite all year round, Lebanese Cucumbers are well priced customers

Eggplant at present represents good quality and value

Green Beans are exceptional this week at Fred’s One Stop with the quality and value factor right up there

As we have come to expect, Broccoli and Cauliflower represent both sound quality and good value. Cauliflower in particular tastes fantastic when added to a salad

From the Grocery department we have one kilo Lavazza Coffee on special as well as Rocca Food Almond Meal

From Le Grande Deli the price is right this week on Boneless Imperial Ham

Lastly we have Monte Fresco Full Cream Ricotta Cheese and for those who have not yet tried it, we have taste testing of this cheese both Saturday and Sunday.

Market Update 9th Sept 2015

Queensland Strawberries are currently in season and make for some delicious eating.

Fantastic news customers….not only do Blueberries taste scrumptious, they are subsiding in price!

The quality and price of Bananas has remained constant in the past few weeks.

Great special this week customers on sweet Cara Cara Oranges…. always good for lunchboxes

Passionfruit represents good quality and value

Although not the best looking fruit at present, the taste of Rock Melons at Fred’s One Stop is excellent

Good special this week on Colored Capsicums in the net

Gourmet Tomatoes are tasty and very well priced this week

English Spinach and Kale are both at the right price….quality is good

If you like Artichokes, then the price is coming down rapidly

Both mainstays of Broccoli and Cauliflower remain steady in regards to quality and value

Despite the price of Corn still being high, the quality is very good

Mushrooms are excellent!

From the grocery section we have Super Foods Raw Peanuts on special as well as Berri 2.4 litre Juice

Great saving on Middle Bacon Rashers and Bertocchi Flat Sopressa…available in Hot and Mild

Market Update 1st September 2015

Strawberries and Blueberries are without doubt, the pick of the berries this week and make for some delicious eating.

New Zealand Avocados are currently available…great tasting!

Apples are plentiful with all varieties representing both good quality and value

The quality of New Zealand Kiwifruit continues to be very good

Quality of Seedless Watermelon is likewise good

The quality and value of Navel Oranges is excellent…great for a refreshing snack

The new season Australian Asparagus has hit the market…young and flavorsome

Chinese Vegetables are all at their very best currently

Overall and thanks to some fantastic weather, both the quality and value of all our vegetables has improved dramatically

Kestrel Potatoes are at a truly fantastic price this week

Both Red and Green Capsicum represent quality and value this week

Sweet Banana Chillies are a fantastic price this week at Fred’s One Stop as are Field Eggplants

From the grocery section customers we have Balconi Trancetto at a very good price and Dried Black Olives

Italian Pork Sausages are the go this week including the Gluten Free variety

Rounding off this week is the Provolene Cheese at a good price.

Market Update 25th August 2015

Best ever special customers this week on mouth watering Strawberries!

Raspberries are well priced and Bluberries are in good supply.

Bananas still represent good quality and value for money

For those who find Rock Melons irresistible the price this week at Fred’s One Stop is fantastic.

Lemons are good quality but more expensive than usual

Packham Pears make for really good eating. They are very reasonably priced as are the Honey Murcott Mandarins

New Zealand season of Kiwifruit has started and the quality is very good

Hopefully this week customers we can expect Tomatoes to drop in price

Carrots represent good value for money while the price of Corn and Snow Peas have dropped slightly

From our grocery department customers, we have Turkel Okra in brine on special as well as Sparkling Ice (502.8ml) coming in at an a very good price

And from Le Grande Deli we have Grana Padana Parmesan Cheese and Parma Prosciutto on sale.

Market Update 12th August 2015

Bananas are the go this week at Fred’s One Stop and although not looking as good as they could, they are inexpensive and tasty.

Honey Murcott Mandarins are certainly a special not to be missed this week. With their tight glossy skin they are great when eaten fresh on their own, added to salads as well as being used in sweet or savory cooking.

Berries continue to be in great supply this week which is great news for the health conscious who know that there is no greater taste you can add to a smoothie than the sweet succulent taste of fresh berries!

Papaya and Paw Paw have eased considerably in price.

Early Spring weather has resulted in a surge of supplies with Artichokes and Aniseed now well under way. To that end, Fred’s have a terrific special this week on fresh Aniseed which quite frankly customers, is too good to pass up!

Broccoli is in great supply as is Capsicum….red, green and yellow varieties.

The first of the Aussie Asparagus has hit the market.

Stand out in the Tomato line this week and simply for flavor and value are the Roma and Egg Tomatoes.

From the grocery section we have Schweppes 1.25 Litre Soft drinks at a crazy price!

Also the Hecham Oil in the 1 litre range consisting of Canola and Vegetable

If you like Frozen Sardinha you will find that the price is right this week at Fred’s

Last but not least we have from Le Grande Deli, sliced Melosi Mortadella that is made from selected Pork and Beef Cuts. It is ideal on sandwiches and in salads.

Market Update 5th August 2015

Berries this week make for fantastic eating and with the influx of winter Blueberries from northern NSW, customers are certainly in for a treat!

Navel Oranges are excellent for quality and value this week

Cold weather is having an impact on Bananas in that the skin is turning greyish on the outside however, in regards to taste, this unusual coloring has no effect on the taste of the Banana.

With its deliciously sweet taste, musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency Papaya is good value customers.

Right now the quality of Rock Melons is very good as is the quality of Pineapples

Good news at last for vegetables with warmer weather in some areas increasing the harvesting in some areas.

Broccoli this week is at a super price, customers!

The supply of Artichokes and Aniseed has increased dramatically thus resulting in an ease on pricing. Great news!

Despite the price still being high for Corn, the quality remains very good

Capsicum in the net is a great choice this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Potatoes and Onions remain well supplied at very reasonable prices

Market Update 29th July 2015

Strawberries are easily the most popular eating berry with the Queensland variety right now being full of flavor and the quality being fantastic!

Bananas are the best – quality and value is right up there.

Avocados are great as are the Blood Oranges.

Sweet Hickson Mandarins are a great buy this week at Fred’s One Stop.

Now’s the perfect time customers, to buy Kiwi Fruit and Kiwi Gold with their fuzzy skin and tiny edible black seeds.

Spinach, one of the healthiest foods out there, is a hot price this week!

Both Broccoli and Cauliflower this week represent both quality and value.

All varieties of Pumpkin make for very good quality, and value.

Celery and Sweet Potatoes are good.

From the Grocery section customers, we have Original Mini Cheezels priced just right for an alternative quick snack.

We also have Zena 4 litre Vegetable Oil on sale this week at Fred’s!

Last but not least we have Siena Prosciutto from Le Grande Deli.

Market Update 21st July 2015

Bananas are still the pick this week at Fred’s

Apples are in the peak of their season and represent both both quality and value

Lemons are currently very good quality.

Packam Pears are of excellent quality

Navel oranges are great at this time of the year.

Tomatoes have firmed in price

Australian Asparagus season is set to commence in August

Despite the price being quite high on Broccoli right now, the quality is excellent

Lebanese Cucumbers are a great price this week at Fred’s One Stop

The price of Mushrooms has improved and the quality is excellent

Brushed Potatoes are hot this week…5kg bags!

From Le Grande Deli we have Grana Padana Parmesan Cheese on special and also, Melosi Boneless Ham

Dried Fish anyone? Pop in for Stocca Baccala this week at Fred’s

Market Update 15th July 2015

Due to the warmer weather in Queensland Bananas are at their absolute best right now as is the price!

Sweet Hickson Mandarins are a fantastic price at Fred’s this week

Apples are very good and the value is very good

Kiwi Gold makes for great eating right now so why not try them today

Lemons are very good quality

Packam Pears in season and at their best

Egg Tomatoes are the pick of the tomatoes

Broccoli…quality and value is excellent

All varieties of Pumpkin are represent good quality and value

In groceries this week customers, you can’t get better than Villa Peeled and Diced Tomatoes…exceptional value this week

From le Grande Deli we have Zammit Bacon Rashers…..great price!

Market Update 7th July 2015

Bananas, Bananas, Bananas…excellent price and great tasting this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Navel Oranges in the net…sweet, juicy and easy to peel favorite are exceptionally well priced.

Customers, our strawberries this week are simply at their best.

Blueberries are much sweeter than they were several weeks ago…a healthy addition to the morning smoothie.

Another addition to smoothies is the Kiwi Fruit and in particular the Kiwi Gold of which supplies are improving

Mandarins are rather tasty right now.

As far as vegetables go, Broccoli, Cauliflowers and Corn are not just well priced they are all of sound quality.

From the Grocery section customers, we have on special, 6 pack SoleNatura Passata Rustica while also having Sun Rice Australian Medium Grain White Rice in the 10kg pack.

Le Grande Deli has Zammit Soccerball Ham at a very pleasing price…great for lunches.

Provolone Mild Cheese (Topolino)…this young cheese is easily sliced and is straw yellowish in color. Try it this week!

Market Update 1st July 2015

Imported cherries from the US and specifically from Washington State, make for some delicious eating this week

Also from the US this week are Blood Plums. Of darker appearance they are among the best of the best eating plums we have had thus far.

Apples are at the peak od their season and represent good quality and value

Bananas are tasty and well priced this week at Fred’s One Stop

Packam Pears made for good eating right now

QLD Strawberries are very good quality

Top special this week in the vegie department is Spinach, a vegetable that pairs brilliantly with soft cheeses like Ricotta and Feta in dishes such as Lasagne.

Broccoli is superbly priced this week!

Red and Green Capsicum are good eating

Tomatoes are in very good supply right now

Most of our onions and Potatoes represent good value and quality and in particular, the Sweet Potato

From the grocery section pre packed Baccala Fillets are on special this week

Tamex Sunflower Oil (5 litre) is very well priced customers.

Rounding out this week is sliced Edam Cheese, a naturally made and matured cheese that works very well in cooking

Market Update 23rd June 2015

Bananas are great this week both in price and quality

The quality of the QLD Berries coming into the market is excellent.

All apples are at the peak of their season

Mandarins are in season – quality is excellent as is the value.

Packam Pears season has started – great tasting!

Gourmet Tomatoes are the special of the week at Fred’s One Stop

Best of the vegetable specials are the Red Capsicums…a hot price!

The quality of Broccoli is good

Availability of Corn is improving as new areas begin harvesting

Good news customers…the price of Mushrooms has improved along with the quality

From the Grocery Department we have Cortos Hummus Tahini and Boiled Chick Peas on special

And from Le Grande Deli customers, we have Kaanlar Kashkaval Cheese

Market Update 16th June 2015

Apples are in the peak of their season with all varieties representing both quality and good value.

The quality and value of Navel Oranges is fantastic

The quality of Bananas is steadily improving

Seedless Watermelon is of excellent quality in both taste and value

The supply and quality of QLD Strawberries is gaining some momentum.

New Zealand Kiwifruit has started and the quality is very good.

Lemons represent very good quality

Buy of the week at Fred’s has to be Yellow Capsicums in the net!

Beans and Zucchini are in good supply

Brussel Sprouts are excellent…somewhat smaller and sweeter

Tomatoes taste terrific and the value is excellent

Hot from the Grocery Department are the Morello Pitted Cherries!

Last but not least we have sliced Leonardo Double Smoked Ham on special this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

Market Update 9th June 2015

Pawpaw and Papaya are not only still great tasting customers; they are exceptionally well priced at Fred’s this week

Yellow and White Peaches with their soft, velvety furred skin enclosing a sweet, juicy flesh, while delicious on their own, are great in salads and desserts.

Apples are in the peak of their season right now with each variety representing good quality and value.

Prices have improved on the Hass variety of Avocado.

New Zealand season of Kiwi Fruit has started

From our vegetable department customers, Broccoli is of good value and price as is Celery at the moment

Carrots are a super price this week!

The price of Mushrooms has come back slightly which augers well for our Mushroom loving customers.

For those cooler days Pumpkin, Onions and Potatoes make the perfect choice when planning that hearty winter meal

Brussel Sprouts represent good value and quality

Sandhurst Pitted Kalamata Olives are well priced this week customers.

Lastly, from Le Grande Deli this week we have sliced Siena Prosciutto.

Market Update 3rd June 2015

Pawpaw is well priced and makes for some delicious eating as does Papaya

Sweet juicy Navel Oranges are very good and likewise the Mandarins

Royal Gala Apples, Pink Lady and Jazz Apples make for a delicious after noon snack or lunchbox addition

We have New Season William Bartlett Pears – sweet and soft, they can be poached, baked or used raw in salads

Chestnuts in the net are an amazing price this week at Fred’s One Stop

Parm’Frutt Dates in the 1kg box are a great buy customers!

Nuts to everyone – we have Australian Roasted Peanuts in the shell this week at a great price

From the Deli we have Zammit Soccerball Ham that is very well priced

From our vegetable department customers we have pre packed Premium Grade Red Sweet Potatoes – a great buy this week at Fred’s!

Red Capsicum, Spinach and Zucchini are well priced and good value for money

Beetroot lovers – great idea for the winter menu!

Market Update 27th May 2015

Navel Oranges make a great choice this week customers; the price is low and they have a sweet and juicy flesh with very few seeds. Their flesh is also easy to peel, making them great for kid’s lunchboxes

Hass variety of Avocados is available; price is still somewhat high

Quality of the Mandarins is superb as is the value

Bananas are a little scarce right now and it is clearly affected in the price

Seedless Watermelon is good both in quality and value

Celery is the pick of the vegetables. A great price!
A vegetable that is related to Carrots, Parsnip and Parsley and one whereby every part of it can be used

For this time of the year Eggplant is much cheaper than usual

From the Deli we have Zammit Soccerball Ham – a good choice for sandwiches

Santangelo 6 pack Croissants, make the perfect accompaniment to that “pick me up” cup of coffee

And last but not least, illy 100% Arabica Coffee, Moko, Espresso and deco has been advertised at a price too good to refuse.

Market Update 12th May 2015

Customers, you simply can’t go past Imperial mandarins this week: always a “fav” when it comes to kids lunchboxes,

Red Delicious Apples are not just exceptionally well priced at Fred’s One Stop, they’re a sweet, aromatic apple that is perfect for desserts.

New Season Australian Navel Oranges have hit the store after months of having to purchase the imported variety.

Bananas are a good price and very tasty

William Pears are in season and the quality is excellent

Both Papaya and Paw Paw are in good supply and very flavorsome.

From Le Grande Deli we have sliced Siena Prosciutto on special and from the grocery department customers, we have Tamex Turkish Sunflower Seeds at a cool price

The quality of Broccoli is very good

Although prices of Capsicums is higher than normal the quality is good

Other quality winter vegetables are Brussel Sprouts, Beans and Celery

All varieties of Pumpkin represent both good quality and value for money

Market Update 5th May 2015

Beurre Bosc Pears this week are a really fantastic price as are Jonathon Apples

New season Gala Apples and Pink Lady Apples are now available and particularly good at present.

Papaya and Paw Paw are both well priced this week and make for some fantastic eating customers

Bananas are of sound quality and value.

For value you can’t go past Limes and Lemons

Shepherd Avocados are in season and the quality is very good however, the market price has risen again so no bargains this week

Navel Oranges are in season and the quality is excellent

Both Rock Melon and Watermelon represent good quality and value right now

From Le Grande Deli this week we have Hidden Valley Greek Style Fetta in a 1kg bucket

And for the Gluten Free conscious shopper, we have San Marino Gluten Free Ham on special

Bad news on the vegetable front customers: with so much damage in the Sydney basin along with flooding in Queensland, supply has become a problem in the short term

Cauliflowers however, are well priced as are Cabbages and Red Cabbage

Don’t forget Mothers day this week and hop on into Fred’s for a beautiful bunch of flowers and perhaps, a lovely box of Chocolates

Market Update 29th April 2015

Sweet Imperial Mandarins are a great price at Fred’s this week. The high juice content of these mandarins makes them ideal for juicing as well as eating.

Bananas are of excellent quality and make for some eating customers.

All varieties of Apples are fantastic and are perfect for the lunchbox or afternoon snack.

Limes have dropped dramatically in price which is really good news.

From Le Grande Deli we have Siena Prosciutto on special this week.

White Tiger Basmati Rice is one special not to be missed while Hecham Vegetable, Canola or Corn Oil is a great price

From our vegetable department customers, we have Broccoli at a good price while Cauliflowers have finally eased in price

The quality of Beans at the moment is exceptional

Market Update 21st April 2015

Fantastic price on Granny Smith Apples this week: with a sensational acidic and tangy flavor, Granny Smith Apples are one of the finest cooking apples. When fully mature, the sweetness level of this popular apple increases

Pink Lady Apples make for excellent eating this week and what an ideal addition to the lunchboxes for the kiddies.

Price is reasonable for Bananas

Customers can look forward to a great season this year for Imperial Mandarins with their sweet taste and great value at Fred’s One Stop

Why not try Papaya for something different. Once considered quite exotic, they can now be found in markets throughout the year. Deliciously sweet with musky undertones and a soft, butter-like consistency, it is no wonder at all that the papaya was reputably called, the “fruit of the angels” by Christopher Columbus

Lemons and Limes – the supply of lemons is improving. Limes are excellent value right now

Broccoli is in good supply this week at Fred’s, with stock coming from Victoria and Queensland. The quality is on the improve and the price is really quite reasonable

Celery represents good quality and value.

Corn this week is of excellent value

From the Deli customers, we have Maasdam Swiss Cheese on special.

We also have Jalapeno Pepper Sliced at a great price.

Market Update 15th April 2015

Perfect timing with school holidays for Sweet Imperial Mandarins – not only are they well priced, but they are the perfect, quick and easy energy boosting snack for kids

For something sweet and crisp, Apples at this time of the year are at their very best!

The Australian Pomegranate season is now in full swing. A fruit with a distinctive tangy flavor and hard reddish skin, it is used often in drinks, salads and desserts.

Customers with Anzac Day around the corner, that special time in the year when we honor the services and bravery of service men and women, don’t forget your Rosemary next week….Fred’s are well stocked

Cabbages, Cabbages, Cabbages!

Priced to sell this week at Fred’s One Stop the Plain Cabbage with its short, petiol leaves and a compact head is the oldest and most widely grown vegetable of the brassica family, is related to both broccoli and cauliflower.

Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts are the go for this week – value is good!

From Le Grande Deli this week customers, don’t miss out on Zammit Soccerball Ham which is not only a “fav” for sandwiches, but is priced to sell

Need a coffee, then you can’t go past Vittoria 100% Espresso Coffee this week at Fred’s!

Market Update 1st April 2015

Just in time for the Easter Break customers, we have Lemons at a great price at Fred’s One Stop.

Limes are sound in quality and value

We have large Rock Melons that will make for some great eating over the Easter Break

Don’t go past the Spanish Onions customers – perfect addition to a salad these onions are in great supply and the price is great

Coriander and Dill as expected will be in high demand over Easter and at this stage supplies of both are good

From the grocery department customers, we have 12 pack peeled and Diced tomatoes at a very good price so maybe it is time to stock up in time for the cooler weather that is just around the corner

We also have Saloio Oil on sale this week as well as 1kg pack of Sardines.

Market Update 18th March 2015

Fantastic price on Bananas this week customers! High in Fibre and low in GI, Bananas are a great source of long-lasting energy – did you know that Australians chomp their way through 5 million every day?

Rock Melons and likewise Watermelon are of very quality and value here at Fred’s One Stop.

For those who like Quinces, they are at their peak right now

Grannies Apples with their sensational acidic and tangy flavor are one of the finest cooking apples. When fully mature, the sweetness level of this popular apple increases.

Papaya is of good quality and value.

Raspberries make for flavorsome eating, as do the New Season William Pears

In the vegie department customers we have 5kg bags of Brushed Potatoes that are priced to walk out the door!

Supplies of Broccoli have improved and though they may have a slight yellowish tinge to their appearance, be assured that it is quite normal for this time of year as Broccoli prefers colder climate growing conditions.

Celery and Corn are both of excellent quality and value.

Market Update 11th March 2015

Great special at Fred’s on Fuji Apples – originally from Japan, this apple has a discreet honey sweet taste and high sugar content, thus making it an ideal apple to cook with.

New season Green skin Shepard Avocados have hit the shop customers – a small avocado, an important commercial variety in Australia, has delicate smooth skin and a pointed, acorn-shaped pit embedded in a rich, sticky flesh

Pears and Grapes are selling well.

Lemons in the nets are a fantastic price this week

Banana prices have suffered due to rain damage from Cyclone Marcia, however, the price should come down over the coming weeks

Broccoli and Cauliflower are better priced this week with more stock available in the markets.

From the deli we have Parma Prosciutto on sale this week with its classic Italian flavor that is rich, salty and very moreish

And from the grocery department customers, you can purchase Special White Flour that is exceptionally well priced

Market Update 4th March 2015

White seedless Grapes are in season and represent excellent quality and value while the Crimson variety are now really coming into their own.

But the pick of the week here at Fred’s are Black Muscat Grapes, a table grape however, did you know that this black variety of grape when dried is called a raisin?

Plums are in the peak of their season and make for very good eating.

Peaches and Nectarines are still very good

Customers, this might sound crazy but there is an absolute glut of Limes in the market hence it is now cheaper to purchase Limes than Lemons

As far as vegies are concerned, Cauliflower and Onions are among the most well priced this week with some varieties of Potatoes, also being very well priced

Local Lebanese Cucumbers are on special this week at Fred’s. They make the perfect choice for that refreshing all year round salad. Best eaten when bright green and firm.

Generally, supplies of most vegetables in the markets are good as are the prices which augers well for our customers

From the deli customers Danish Feta is well priced. Slightly milky and sweet tasting without being to over-powering, it has a smooth texture in comparison to most other Feta varieties and is ideally suited for salads

Market Update 25th February 2015

Plenty of Stone Fruit from the Riverina district around now, a situation that has seen prices plummet from what they were recently.

Plums are currently at their peak with Tegan Blue being the pick of them

Nectarines and Peaches are excellent with their color varying between yellow and white flesh depending on what is best on the day at the markets.

William Pears don’t just make for great eating: the price is good!

Rock Melons and Seedless Watermelon remain good, both in quality and value.

Red Jonathon Apples have started this week with supplies hailing from Bilpin in the Blue Mountains.

Black Zucchini is a great special this week at Fred’s!

Both the red and green varieties of Capsicum are of very good quality.

Cauliflower and Celery also represent good quality and value.

Kumara and Sweet Potato are larger this week and well priced

Corn, always a family favorite is sweet tasting and well priced.

Here at Fred’s we also have good supplies of locally grown Lebanese Cucumbers and the best news this week for or customers:

Tomatoes are definitely on the way back!

Market Update 18th February 2015

White Thompson seedless grapes are coming into season. They represent very good quality and value.

With the current drama unfolding with China over the Frozen Berry recall, many customers are reverting back to the local market instead of using imported fruit which augers well for our growers.

Nectarines are still rather good as is the quality of Peaches.

Gala Apples are now in season and they are very crisp and juicy, making them an excellent choice for school lunchboxes.

With the arrival of New Season William Pears, customers can expect over the coming weeks, that this variety of pear will get sweeter.

Rock Melons are very good quality and value

In the way of vegetables this week, Pre-packed Carrots are in very good supply.

Broccoli, Corn, Beans and Capsicum are coming at better prices this week at Fred’s.

All varieties of Lettuce are of sound quality and value as are locally grown Lebanese Cucumbers

Kumara and Sweet Potato are easing in price.

From the Deli section customers, we have sliced Zammit Danish and Spanish Salami both on special.
We also have secured a great price on 700g 6-Pack Sole Natura Passata.

Market Update 10th February 2015

New Season Gala Apples make for some really great eating this week at Fred’s.

Around for only a few months of the year, William Pears have arrived. Be sure and eat them soon after purchasing as they ripen more quickly than other varieties.

Grapes are at their best right now as are Rock Melons.

Plums have arrived and as Autumn Season approaches, their quality and taste will peak.

After a highly successful and tasty season, Mangoes will be coming to an end

Finally, Cauliflowers and Broccoli are easing in price hence making them an excellent accompaniment to the evening meal.

Most varieties of Potato are of sound quality and value however, Onions and Pumpkin are still quite expensive

Valentines Day is upon us customers so when looking for that special box of Chocolates or Flowers for that significant one in your life, check out the selection at Fred’s One Stop.

Market Update 4th February 2015

New season William Pears have arrived. These soft skinned delights are best eaten when golden yellow in appearance.

Been waiting for new Gala Apples?

These dense, sweet, aromatic and juicy apple with a white flesh can be included in salads or used as a cooking apple and are particularly suited to sauce

Rock Melons are still in good supply.

As the weather continues with its adverse conditions supplies of Broccoli, Red Capsicum and Cos Lettuce have been scarce however, the good news is that Broccolini is in good supply and the quality is great.

From our Deli this week customers, we have Triple Smoked Ham that is great for sandwiches.

And from our Grocery Department we have marinated Artichoke Hearts that will liven up any Pizza, Salad or even a sandwich