The Australian season for Kiwifruit is here and the quality is very good.

Queensland Bananas although still slightly more expensive than usual, are of sound quality.

Indubitably the best tasting Strawberries of the year, the Queensland grown Strawberries have arrived in a big way and despite the price being somewhat higher than what customers have come to expect, the value is second to none.

The Hass Avocados from Queensland are tops!

Papaya are not only available at good prices, customers will find that they are great tasting as well.

Navel Oranges are now in season and the quality of them is excellent!

Lemons and Limes are good with the price of Limes being slightly better value.

Tomatoes have eased a little in price, as have most varieties of vegetables with the exception of Spring Onions and Cauliflowers. Beans, Lebanese Cues, Beans, Rhubarb and Beetroot are all set to go a little lower in price.

Fuji Apples and Pink Lady’s are now in season. They are both of excellent quality and value. The Granny Smith apples are good and will improve even more as the season progresses.

Whilst the season for Green Grapes is finished the Crimson Seedless variety are of very good quality.

New Season William Pears are very good as are the Bananas this week.

Paw Paw, Papaya and Topless Pineapples are plentiful and good quality.

Navel Oranges have started and the quality of them is excellent.

Although quite expensive, Passionfruit are of good quality.

In the vegie department, great value can be found this week in Brussel Sprouts, Chinese Cabbage, Corn and Cauliflowers. Aniseed is well priced.

Snowpeas are good as are the Leeks and Red Capsicum.

Crimson Seedless Grapes are in season and of good quality and value.

The New Season Gala Apples are very good as are the Fuji and Pink Lady varieties.

Bananas are tasty and of good value.

Quality of the Navel Oranges at present is excellent.

The Australian season has started for Kiwifruit. Lemons are reasonably priced and the quality of Limes is very good.

By the end of the week American Cherries should be on offer.

Corn, Zucchini and Cauliflower have all eased in price this week. The price of Lettuce has also eased.

The quality of the Tomatoes is very good despite them being scarce due to the recent planting issues in QLD.

Queensland Bananas are now at their absolute best for the season as are Topless Pineapples and Shepard Avocados.

Apples remain popular and are a great choice for the kiddies lunchboxes.

Here at Fred’s we are headed for a great season with Mandarins and Australian Navels set to become the season’s best.

Citrus fruit is moving into full swing with Lemons and Limes being of very sound quality and value.

Due to an adverse turn in the Victorian weather Berries are set to become an issue with the Northern Coast and Queensland regions struggling to get their crops going with heavy rainfall experienced in those regions.

The current quality of Papaya is good however the quality of Rockmelon is not as quite as good as it should be.

Mushrooms are still the pick for this week as ample supplies are still to be found in the marketplace.

Likewise, the supply in the markets of Celery for which the price remains good.

The staple vegetables such as Beans, Broccoli, Cauliflower and corn however, are still dearer to purchase.

New Season Apples are in full swing this week with Gala Apples being of excellent quality as are the Pink Lady variety.

The Fuji Apples have slight skin blemishes that does not in any way interfere with the great eating taste.

Good value and quality this week at Fred’s are the Bananas.

At this stage the Sheperd variety of Avocados is proving to be the best value for money despite the smaller appearance of the fruit.

Heavy rainfall in the region of Coffs Harbour has made harvesting of Blueberries extremely difficult this week while Strawberries have a great taste despite the price being rather expensive.

For those who preserve Quinces, now is the time to stock up and get cracking in the kitchen.

Grapes are of good quality and value for money with the Crimson and White Seedless currently in season.

On the veggie front we find Mushrooms at their absolute best taste and value here at Fred’s. Fantastic price that should see them, walking out the door.

The time honored traditional Spinach is attractively priced and customers, be smart and purchase a little more pumpkin than you would normally use as the price is definitely on the way up.

Broccoli, Cauliflower and cabbage are all quite expensive this week due mainly, to the thin source of supply.

Corn another family favorite, is very well priced.

With plenty of stock around the prices of Celery has eased.

The supply of Capsicums is improving as is the quality.

Here at Fred’s this week, our New Season Apples are currently of excellent quality. Fuji’s another favorite with customers are coming into season and are likewise, great eating!

Pink Ladies have now started for the season.

Bananas, always a favorite for kids, are of good quality and value.

And what can be better than great tasting Imperial Mandarins from Queensland that have survived the massive rainfalls of late.

Chestnuts, Quinces and Fuyu are still in good supply this week and the pick for Plums this week would have to be the October Suns.

Lemons and Limes are much better value this week with the quality of Limes being very good.

New Season William Pears make the perfect after school snack.

As far as vegetables go, Broccoli is a little scarce yet of good quality although, the price is not as good as customers have come to expect. Cauliflower is also dearer than usual.

The recent hot weather down in Victoria coupled with rainfall across the eastern seaboard, has adversely affected the price of many vegetable lines.

Corn is one of the exceptions and is excellent in quality, value and taste!

Capsicums are slowly improving and are of sound quality. The price of pumpkin is steady and of good value.

New Season Gala Apples are excellent this week as are the Fuji Apples that are also coming into season.

Avocados make for very nice eating and just a tip: when testing for ripeness, just a gentle squeeze soon tells you if they are ripe enough to eat.

Lemons, always an in demand fruit during the Easter period have eased in price. Available at the moment are the Australian variety.

The Beurre Bosc Brown Pears are up and going this week and as so many of Fred’s customers will be aware, this particular variety of pear is excellent when it comes to stewing and preserving.

Unfortunately Blueberries are finished for the season but the good news is that the Victorian Strawberries, although a little dearer this week, are of sound quality as are the Raspberries.

Figs are still very good but unfortunately, not as cheap as they have been.

Nectarines are almost finished and customers will find that the Yellow peaches make for far better eating at present than the White Peach variety.

We are almost ready for the New Season Mandarins to hit the store, with the fruit expected in early April. Good news also with some really nice Plums for sale.

End of crop Tomatoes, although not generally known to keep for very long, are still very tasty. Fred has a great special this week on bagged Roma Tomatoes.

Kumera is cheaper this week and the quality of the Corn is excellent!

Unfortunately, the combination of hot weather in Victoria and the heavy rainfall across the eastern seaboard, has affected some of the vegetable lines however, Beans, Snowpeas and Broccoli remain of quite sound quality.

Fruit once again seems to be in better shape this week than the vegetable lines with Lettuce, Snow Peas, Spinach and Tomatoes getting dearer due to supply issues brought about by the recent abnormal weather patterns.

New Season Jonathon Apples are the pick of the apples this week with the quality and prices both good. They are currently at their best. Great for kids lunchboxes!

With the weather up north having moderated somewhat, the flavour of Bananas is now far better than it has previously been. So too has the shelf life improved of this, one of the most popular all year round fruits.

William Pears are now all from controlled atmosphere storage hence they will not ripen as quickly and will keep longer.

Fred has a great special this week on new season October Sun Plums that are a larger and paler plum than the little Sugar Plums.

Raspberries continue to be the most reliable of all the berries.

Custard Apples and Persimmons have the hit the store this week as have the Chestnuts.

About the best thing that can be said about vegetables this week is that Fred has a great special on Aniseed.

But all is not grim I guess with bargain prices on Beans, Lebanese Cues, Kestrel Potatoes and Cauliflowers all of which are cheaper than last week.

Nectarines and Peaches are coming to the end of their season hence the focus on Thompson Seedless Grapes with the prices this week very good even with them being a little smaller.

Strawberries are well priced the shelf life is questionable due to the very hot weather in South Australia and Victoria.

The new season Gala Apples are very tasty and crisp however, if not kept away from heat, they are likely to turn floury very quickly.

Jonathon’s from the Batlow district will soon be over with only a fews of supply left to for their season.

Valencia Oranges are now in season with mandarins getting into full swing in April.

There’s not much good to report in the vegetable department this week with the exception being, that Fred is able to offer a great special to his customers this week on small cupped mushrooms.

Corn and Red Capsicums are also cheaper this week and of much better quality than has been the case in the last month or so.

Locally grown leafy vegetables such as Buck Choy, Hydroponic Lettuce and English Spinach may not last as long due to the high rainfall of late. That situation however, is improving every day.

Rockmelons are at their absolute best during this time of year while also being very well priced. Watermelon, a favourite with most children, is still of very good quality and value.

The New Season apples are quite crisp and tasty while William Pears are and will be at their best over the next couple of weeks.

Avocados are gradually becoming more plentiful and much better value for the consumer. Where grapes are concerned, the White seedless variety, are the pick for most customers.

Valencia Oranges are in season with the quality being very good and for the stone fruit lovers, there are now only a few weeks left in the season for both Nectarines and Peaches.

The quality of both the Broccoli and Snow peas has remained good in both quality and value.

If it is the green vegies that you are after, then Broccoli and beans are the go, along with Cauliflower that remains both good in quality and value. Not much good news to report on the Chinese Vegetables and Spinach I’m afraid with both, rising sharply in price following the drenching of crops in recent weeks.

This week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping customers have the choice of either white or yellow nectarines at great prices.

Now that’s the good news! The bad news for our customers is that some Stone Fruits are coming to an end with Lychees, Apricots and Fred’s favourite, Cherries all on the way out.

However, Nectarines, Peaches, Grapes and Figs are all still great tasting for those of us who are stone fruit lovers.

What Fred does have this week for his customers, is a great special on Sugar Plums. Come on in and check them out!

Good old-fashioned Jonathan Apples are back in the store at Fred’s One Stop Shopping as are the new season Fuji Apples with the great news being: all our apples are New Season apples!

Rockmelons are also really tasty at the moment.

Bananas are more expensive this week than Fred would like.

Mangoes are still around and of the available berries from which to choose, Raspberries are really the pick of them.

Supplies of Lebanese Cucumbers are increasing as is the supply of Cauliflowers, Broccoli and Beans, which means customers, that prices should ease in the following weeks.

Take a tip…look for the hand picked Beans!

Despite the floods having reeked havoc in Queensland and Northern NSW yet again, there is still some good news with Yellow Peaches being at their absolute great tasting best!

New Season Gala Apples are getting better and better every day….great tasting and great for the lunchboxes as well!

Menindee Seedless Grapes are just about as good as they can get, while those who don’t mind a few seeds in their grapes, the Black Muscatels are fantastic!

Fortunately, the Western Australian Avocados have eased in price in fact, they are now cheaper than they have been since early December.

Finally, the Blueberries and Blackberries are still at their best!

Good stonefruit is the go for this week with plentiful supplies still rolling into the markets. The exception to this of course is Apricots that are coming to the end of their season.

The seedless variety of Watermelon is mostly coming from the central west of NSW hence the drop in price while Passionfruit remains strong in supply.

For those who enjoy the taste of Sweet Topless Pineapples and Papaya, they will not be disappointed this week with supplies a plenty.

Also plentiful and at the peak of their season are Nectarines, Peaches, Cherries and Plums.

Not much on the Apple front with the only real available fruit being old season Apples but don’t despair, the new season Gala Apples should hit the markets in the next couple of weeks.

In the vegie department there are some excellent alternatives to the leafy vegetable varieties that have unfortunately, been damaged through exposure to heat.

Broccoli, Zucchini, Celery, Cucumber and Beans are plentiful and well priced.

In short, all augers well for our traditional Australia Day celebrations next week with great choices of Stone Fruit currently on offer.