Here is a great pizza recipe. How to make Pizza with Ricotta or Pizza alla Ricotta! This is so easy, simple and incredibly tasty. Pizza is great for a quick, nutritious meal. You can get the children involved. Pizza alla Ricotta is also great as a snack, taking some to school and work. How to make Pizza with Ricotta is a must for any pizza lovers out there. Ricotta is so light and fresh and combined with the bocconcini makes for a creamy, delicious tomato based pizza. Try it today, this pizza with ricotta, pizza alla ricotta, you will love it! How to make pizza with ricotta (pizza alla ricotta)

Tomato passata (puree) for the base
bocconcini cheese sliced
ricotta cheese
olive oil
salt to taste
pizza base

Step 1 – preheat oven to very high
Step 2 – prepare pizza (whether you make your own or using a pizza base)
Step 3 – spread enough tomato passata puree (to your liking) over the base of the pizza
Step 4 – sprinkle pieces of ricotta cheese (approx 3 tablespoons) or how much you desire
Step 5 – cut bocconcini cheese into slices and add to the pizza topping spreading evenly ( we used about 1 1/2 large bocconcini cheeses
Step 6 – -add the sliced red onion (approx 1/4 of a small red onion)
Step 7 – -sprinkle with oregano to taste
Step 8 – -place in oven on baking tray and cook for approximately 20 minutes, or until desired result -serve immediately

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