Bruschetta Bites. These gluten free bruschetta bites are very easy to make. This is a quick little image video showing you what you can do with bread using the whole loaf. See recipe ideas below

In this video we use the bread loaf and made lovely Bruschetta Bites and Bread Crumbs. Nothing was wasted from the loaf.

Firstly we cut small rounds from slicing the bread and placed them in a mini muffin tin, and pressed them down to form a small cup. Roasted them off in a hot oven. They are perfect for filling with smoked salmon, ricotta cheese, dip or any other filling.

Second we just cut circles, triangles and small squares and grilled them off on a griddle pan. Another perfect way to use as crostini with your favourite topping.

Lastly, all that left over bread that we cut the shapes from went back into a hot oven, roasted off, placed in a food processor and made lovely bread crumbs. Bread crumbs are great in the freezer and when it comes to crumbing, cold crumbs are easier to work with.

So now we have really used our imagination and got more out of this packet loaf. Keep a few packets in your cupboard and you will have a simple way to create Bruschetta Bites and Breadcrumbs!

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