Getting Into healthy

It’s well known that different fruits and vegetables contain different nutrients and here in Australia, dietary standards advise us that for optimal health, adults should be eating at least 5 types of vegetables and 2 different types of fruit on a daily basis. A national nourishment survey conducted by the Australian Federal government has revealed however that Australians from all walks of life and all ages, do not consume near enough vegetables and fruit.

As well as having a smaller stomach capacity, children have higher power requirements when compared to adults therefore they could never eat the same portion sizes however, it is critical to encourage your youngsters to eat a variety of both fruit and vegetables.

By eating well, your youngsters have the sustainable power and energy to play and focus for longer, create and discover the previously unexplored

Eating healthy and living healthy helps in the development of teeth and bones just as building routines into their daily regime sets up a pattern of wellness that will sustain throughout their lives.

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