Here is a beautiful dish to create eggplant rolls (involtini di melanzane). This recipe is part of a series that includes how to make roasted red capsicums, how to fry eggplant as well as a beautiful salad of rocket, eggplant, goats cheese and red capsicum. This dish is a combination of gorgeous flavours and it is so light, perfect for a summer lunch, light meal or side dish for entertaining. Our eggplant rolls are incredibly nutritional as well. Tasty and are a great vegetarian option. Take out the cheese then they become a completely vegan dish making our eggplant rolls truly versatile for every one. Eggplants are well used vegetable in Italian Cuisine you can do so much with them, great for fry ups and even putting them in a tomato sauce for pasta gives it a wonderful nutty flavour. Try our eggplant rolls (involtini di melanzane) today you will love them.


  • fried eggplant slices
  • basil leaves sliced
  • mint leaves sliced
  • bocconcini cheese cut into three
  • roasted red capsicums cut into slithers
  • sun dried tomatoes cut into slithers
  • salt to taste
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • lettuce base


  • -clean lettuce base, slice and arrange on serving plate
  • -on a chopping board lay slices of eggplant
  • -add slices of sun dried tomato, capsicum, cheese and basil and mint -salt according to taste and dress with olive oil
  • -as per video assemble and roll the eggplant from the shortest side first working towards the longest
  • -slice the rolls gently into 45 degree angles -arrange on top of lettuce on serving plate
  • -drizzle lemon juice over the rolls
  • -sprinkle parmigiano cheese to finish -serve immediately and enjoy

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