For many people the challenge with Artichokes, is knowing how to cook them. According to “Eating on the Wild Side” boiling or steaming artichokes enhances the antioxidant levels, a claim that bumps the general rule which states vegetables are far less nutritious when boiled or steamed. Note that steamed artichokes give you almost 3 times more antioxidant protection than boiled artichokes.

Steaming an artichoke is a very straightforward process. Cut approx 2.5cm from the top of each artichoke to reveal more tender leaves in the centre. Remove smaller leaves from the base of the stem, and cut the stem so that only 2.5cm remains. Fill a pot with sufficient water to cover the artichokes (for more flavour add bay leaves and a garlic clove or veggie stock). When the water has reached boiling point, insert steam basket and the artichokes with the stem facing downwards. Steam 30-45 mins or until the centre can be easily pulled away from the stem. Eating one leaf dipped in aioli sauce or garlic butter at a time is a much better way to fully appreciate the taste of an artichoke

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